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How do I see a Participant's progression over time (Growth Journey)?

If a team of participants or one participant has taken multiple talent development assessments, you can see trends over time to gain additional insights by visiting the team's Growth Journey tab. 

From the Teams Dashboard, click on your team's avatar on the Teams Dashboard and this will take you to your team’s Assessments Dashboard.

Click on the Growth Journey tab to go to the growth journey for the entire team of participants.


To view the growth journey for just one Participant, you need to first click on a radar image for one of their specific assessments, not the batch roll-up radar.


When viewing their radar results, you will see a Growth Journey tab for that Participant, if they have taken more than one talent development assessment. 


The Growth Journey tab displays the average score for each dimension, sub-dimension, and competency across all assessments within a selected time period, using the end date for each assessment. 


Use the green arrows to filter results and compare specific assessments. You can do this if you are viewing the growth journey for one Participant, or for the entire team. 

Screen_Shot_2022-10-20_at_6.25.13_PM.png          Screen_Shot_2022-10-20_at_6.33.22_PM.png

In the Timeline (default) view, you can filter by dimensions, sub-dimensions and competencies to see each level of detail and the percentage increase or decrease between each data point.


Here are some things to look for:

What is the overall pattern?

  • Is there a clear up, down or flat trend across the dimensions, sub-dimensions and competencies?
  • Is the trend consistent or varied?
  • What does this tell you about how this Participant or team of Participants is maturing?
  • What relationships do you see between the completed growth items and the trends in affected competencies? Did the maturity change?

What stands out?

  • Where are the greatest increases and decreases?
  • Is there anything that surprises you?
  • What does this tell you about where to focus your efforts?

What organizational/environmental factors need to be considered?

  • Were there any major changes that would have a big impact on the Participant(s) health and performance at a specific point in time?

Compare Radar Analysis

By using the View drop-down on the Growth Journey tab, you can also switch to the Compare Radar view, to see the average for each time period as a colored line on the radar. This is most helpful when comparing 2-3 time periods so that the difference between the lines is easy to see.



The Compare Radar Analysis table below the timeline or compare radar view provides the average score for each of the selected time periods. If you have selected two time periods to compare in the filter, it displays the points change and percentage change as well.


To see which questions are asked for each competency, click on the competency name and the Competency Profile will appear. 


You can also export this data to Excel for further analysis or export the entire results as a PDF file.


For additional analysis tips visit: How do I analyze a Participant's results or How do I analyze roll-up radar results for a team's Talent Development assessments?

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