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How do I take my individual Talent Development Assessment, add Reviewers and see my results?

If you are a Participant in a talent development assessment, there are a few ways you can access your assessment link. You may also have the option to add your own Reviewers, as well as review your own results if your company has chosen those options for you. 

Access Your Assessment Link

You can access your assessment link in one of two ways. The easiest way is by email - you will receive an email once your assessment is ready for you to take. Simply click the link in the email and take your assessment before the end date.

If you already have an AgilityHealth account, you may be able to access your assessment from inside AgilityHealth, if the option is available to you. 

Once logged into AgilityHealth, find your team for this assessment on the Teams Dashboard. This may be a different team than the one you may be on for a team-based radar, such as TeamHealth. This is most likely a team set up of similar roles, such as a team of Scrum Masters or Product Owners.


Click on the avatar or name of the team to go to that team's assessment dashboard. Find the radar image for your assessment and hover over it to click the pencil icon. 


Once the modal for your assessment pops open, you can click the Take Assessment button, if your assessment has been published and you have not yet taken your assessment. If the button is blue, you have not yet taken your assessment. If the button is grayed out, your assessment has been completed.

You can also click View Assessment Results if you have taken your assessment, and the button is blue. The results may not be complete until the assessment end date has passed and all Reviewers have provided their feedback.


Add Your Own Reviewers

Once inside the modal pop-up, follow the directions above and add Reviewers to your assessment. Adding a Reviewer will send that person an email asking them to take an assessment to provide feedback on your skills. This option may not be available to you, depending on how the assessment was created. 

To add a Reviewer, click the Add Reviewers button. 


Some companies that use AgilityHealth choose to enable a few additional features, as described below. If your company has not enabled these features, these will not appear for you.

Edit Reviewer

In a Reviewer's row, clicking the pencil icon will allow you to edit that Reviewer. A modal will open providing the opportunity to update their first and last name, email, or role. A Role, in this case, is the relationship of the Reviewer to you, such as your Manager or Peer.


Resend Reviewer's Email

You can see if their email has been sent if the envelope icon has a checkmark next to it. If you see an unlock icon, the Reviewer has already completed their assessment and it would need to be unlocked before any updates can be made.

To resend their email, just click on the envelope icon. You will be asked to confirm if you want to resend the email to the Reviewer. 


Copy Link to Reviewer's Assessment

You can copy the link to the Reviewer's assessment to send to them yourself by clicking the link icon. You will know the link has been copied and is ready to be pasted when you see the confirmation message.


View Your Results

Once your assessment has been completed, you may receive an email asking you to create an AgilityHealth account and view your results. If you already have an AgilityHealth account, you can simply log in and follow the instructions above to find your assessment.

In the modal pop-up, if the View Assessment Results button is blue, the results are available and access has been provided to you by your company. If the button is grayed out, the results are either not yet available or access has not been provided to you.


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