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January 28, 2021

Info: AgilityHealth releases enhancements and new features, along with bug fixes, every Wednesday night at 5 PM CT. Any items our customers should be aware of are posted on Thursdays. Not all weeks will have customer facing items and on those weeks, no release notes will be posted.

New & Improved Talent Development Assessment Creation and Editing

The creation and editing process for Talent Development Assessments, previously called Individual 360 Assessments, has been completely redone! Here's a peek at the new design:


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Additional Columns on Assessment Dashboard

We have added 4 new column options to the Assessment Dashboard. These columns will allow you to easily see how many Team Members were invited to take an assessment and how many responded, as well as how many Stakeholders were invited and how many responded. Be sure to add these columns to your view to easily track assessment completion for your teams!


Learn more about the Assessment Dashboard.

Change for Business Line Admin Users

Previously, Business Line Admin user profiles needed to have tags and teams assigned in order to complete their setup as a user or edit any of their user details. We have removed those constraints so now when you add or edit a Business Line Admin in Manage Users, you do not need to assign tags and teams. They will now be able to login and create an assessment when needed, even if their previous teams have been deleted. 

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