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Quick Launch: Assessment

Hint: To enable this feature for your company, ask your Company Admin to contact us!

The Quick Launch: Assessment feature can be used to create an assessment for new or existing teams with only the team name and radar type and will also generate a link to send to team members who can then add themselves to the team and take the assessment.

This feature is available for team-based assessments and is not available for Talent Development assessments.

If you're interested in creating an assessment with more details such as facilitation information, want to add team members yourself, or add stakeholders to the assessment, you'll need to visit the team's Assessment Dashboard, use the Add Assessment button, and refer to this article

Quick Launch: Assessment

When this feature is enabled for your company, users with the permissions to create assessments can use the quick launch feature to create an assessment for existing teams or simultaneously create a new team. This feature is located on the Teams Dashboard, simply hover over Quick Launch to see the options and select Assessment. 


In the Quick Launch Create Assessment modal, check the box to create a new team and then enter a unique team name or choose an existing team from the Select Team dropdown. After you have created or selected a team, choose the radar assessment the team should participate in from the Select Radar dropdown.

If you chose an existing team, the radar types that show in the dropdown will be based on the team's work type. The work types for new teams will be set based on the radar selected. Learn more about work types and their implications here.


Click the Generate Assessment Link button to create the assessment. This will also create a new team if you selected that option.


Once the assessment has been created, a link will appear that can be copied and sent to any person you wish. People visiting the link will fill out a short form to add themselves as a team member to the team and also take the assessment. Click the paper icon to copy the link. 


If the team already exists, team members will fill out the same form but their information will not be updated at the team level, if they use the same email address. After the link has been copied, click Done to close the modal. 

Find Assessment Link

If at any time you wish to find the link to share again, locate the team on the Teams Dashboard and click on the team name or avatar to be taken to the team's Assessment Dashboard. This link is available for all team-based assessments, even if they were not created using the Quick Launch feature.


On the team's Assessment Dashboard, hover over the assessment icon and click the pencil icon to Edit the assessment.


Once inside the assessment, the link will be located toward the top of the assessment details.


Assessment Form

Here is an example of the form that will be filled out by the person the link is sent to before they take the assessment. The team member will not be granted access to AgilityHealth after filling out this form - team members do not usually receive access until they have completed an assessment. 


The team member will continue on after submitting the form to complete the assessment. If the team member's email already exists on the team, a duplicate team member will not be created upon clicking Submit.

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