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Enabling Translations

We are continuously working to enable the translation of the entire AgilityHealth platform. This is happening in two ways.

  • A global language switcher that automatically translates static text throughout the platform
  • Assessment emails and questions translation, built by our team and validated through native speakers

Watch the video below to understand these two paths. These items are in beta with many enhancements coming soon. 

The Global Language Switcher is always enabled for our customers by default. To enable assessment emails and question translations, Company Admins can contact their Customer Success Managers or submit a support ticket to request.

Global Language Switcher

This feature enables users to use the globe icon to translate static text into another language while using the platform.

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 12.14.15 PM.png

On any page in the platform, as well as the login screen, a language can be selected from the globe drop-down. These translations are not built by our team but are instead enabled by another provider. Uncommon words, some team names, etc. will not be translated.

Please Note: Most of the radar results page will be translated, except for the words on the radar image itself, in some cases. AgilityHealth is building radar translations into the platform manually over time. If the language selected from the globe has a translation available, the dimensions, sub-dimensions, and competencies shown on the radar will be translated. If we have not yet completed that translation, those words will remain in English, while the rest of the page will be translated. If a translation is available for an assessment, the user will see the translation globe when they begin to take the assessment.

Radar Assessments and Email Translations

Radar assessment translations are built into the platform by our team and validated by native speakers. Enabling this feature allows users to:

  • Choose their preferred language for receiving assessment emails and taking radar assessments
  • Set a preferred language for an entire team (or the whole company) for receiving assessment emails and taking radar assessments
  • See the dimensions, sub-dimensions, and competencies translated on the radar image on radar results pages

This functionality is currently available for a few of our radars. Visit this page to see which languages are available for the TeamHealth Radar, this page to see which languages are available for the Team Culture Radar, and this page for the Team Agility Radar.

When this feature is enabled, team members and stakeholders can be sent assessment emails in their preferred language and take assessments in that language. After completing their assessment, they can simply select their language from the Global Language Switcher to view the platform and their radar results in the same language.

How it works:

The preferred language settings are set up as a hierarchy. If no preference has been selected in any of the areas, English is used.

1. The language a user chooses in their own profile while logged into AgilityHealth is the language we default to using and overrides any selection in the other areas.

2. Users in an admin role can edit another user's preferred language in Manage Users. If no selection has been made in the user's profile by themselves, the selection made in Manage Users is the default.

Please note: Users in an admin role will need to grant Team Access to a new team member before the team member will appear in Manage Users. 

3. When a team is created or edited, a preferred language can be selected on the team's profile page and also for each team member and stakeholder individually. If no language selection has been made for the team members/stakeholders individually, in the user's profile, or in Manage Users, the language selection made on the team's profile is used.

4. When a company is created in AgilityHealth, AgilityHealth can select a preferred language for the entire company. This will be used as the default language for all users in the company unless a selection is made in one of the other areas. If you wish to set this setting for your company, Company Admins can ask their Customer Success Managers or submit a support ticket to request.

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