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Understanding the Enterprise Agility Dashboard

The Enterprise Agility Dashboard provides the ability to drill down into further detail and make underlying data visible, focusing on team maturity, performance, and agility, at any level. Data is available for active teams and the assessments they have completed, radars used, and team member and stakeholder participation. This dashboard also highlights areas where teams and/or organizations need to allow for additional focus by providing insights into Growth Items. 

Important: This feature will need to be enabled for your company prior to use. A Company Admin can contact their Customer Success Manager to set this up.

Once this feature is enabled for your company, users can access the dashboard by clicking on INSIGHTS in the toolbar at the top of your screen, after they have logged into AgilityHealth®, and then clicking on the Enterprise Agility tab.

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Features and Functionality

When viewing the Enterprise Agility Dashboard, you will review multiple different widgets containing different features, drill-downs, and data.

This article is part of our series on the Features and Functionality of the Enterprise Agility Dashboard. We've broken each area down for you, into shorter articles.

Additional Items to Note

  • This dashboard will eventually replace the Team Agility Dashboard. We have replicated most of the widgets on the Team Agility Dashboard on the new Enterprise Agility Dashboard, as well as added a few new widgets. We have updated the calculations used in the new Enterprise Agility Dashboard and are powering the dashboard with our new data warehouse. There will be minor differences in the calculations between dashboards such as:
    • The Agility Index is now calculated as the average of all the competencies on the radar equally. Previously we took the average of maturity competencies + the average of the performance competencies and then averaged those together to calculate Agility Index

    • Growth Over Time widgets will now show only the growth for teams that have actually grown. Previously we took the average of teams who grew + the average of teams who declined. You will soon see the teams whose growth declined separately in a new widget.

    • Competency Calculation Changes: We now calculate any competency average as the total score of all responses / # of responses. Previously we used the average of the individual responses to each question, which gave weight to non-responses to the questions.

  • The data on this dashboard refreshes every hour.
  • Only data from completed assessments will be loaded. A completed assessment means the end/close date of the assessment has passed and responses have been submitted.
  • Data from talent development assessments and their growth items are omitted. This dashboard, like our other Insights dashboards, is focused on team-based assessments and growth items.
  • Not all radar types have performance metric questions so data will not show in Performance widgets for radar types without performance metric questions.

Left Navigation

The Left Navigation is a reflection of the team structure, based on how the teams, multi-teams, and enterprise teams are rolled up to reflect the company structure. The Left Nav allows you to set the focus for the Enterprise Agility Dashboard and drill in or out of the various parts of your organization. Under the Unassigned node, you may see several teams listed. As you assign teams as sub-teams of another level, they will be removed from the Unassigned data and will populate in the left nav under the parent team.

Important: Each user in AgilityHealth® will only be able to access data for the teams they are assigned to and will see data for the first team they are able to view as the default. Company Admins will be able to access all teams. Team names will be in gray if they are not able to be accessed by the user. Team names may be anonymized for Org Leaders.

To expand or hide the Left Nav, you will use the kebob icon.


Download and Print

Use these options to download a single-page view of the dashboard into PowerPoint or as a PDF or print a copy.


Date Filters

Changing the From and To date filters will affect the data in all widgets on the dashboard, except the first widget, All Active Teams.


Radar Dropdown

The radar type chosen in the Radar dropdown will affect the data in all widgets below the Radar dropdown. The Team Health radar will show as an item in the dropdown, even if your company has not used that radar yet.


Tooltip Icons

When you hover over the question mark icon on each widget, a tooltip with a brief description of that widget will appear.

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