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Team Agility Radar

Team Agility is a refreshed and latest version of the Team Culture radar, with a rename for a few sub-dimensions and a new competency for Operational Excellence.

This radar focuses on modern ways of working along with the mindsets and behaviors of high-performing teams, based on recent industry research and studies. Inspiration for the cultural competencies comes from the research done by MIT Sloan on the Big Nine Cultural Values, addressing the question of which values matter most, as cited by diverse top companies.

Radar Audience

Typically taken by all team members from any team, Business or Technology-focused. Results can be rolled up into teams of teams, portfolios, lines of business, or the enterprise level to assess the entire organization.

Radar Dimensions


Available Languages

Currently, the Team Agility Radar is available in English and Arabic.

Benefits of Utilizing the Radar

  • Consistent definitions and measurement of team culture across all teams
  • Roll up data across multiple teams to identify trends and where to focus improvement efforts
  • Develop actionable growth plans at every level of the organization
  • Measure improvements over time

Suggested Introduction Time for the Radar

  • Anytime

Ongoing Cadence for Using the Radar

  • Baseline, then every 6 months to check in on the progress 

Radar Facilitation Needs

  • Certified AgilityHealth® Facilitator to facilitate the retrospective, as well as pre-and post-retrospective activities (one per 4-5 teams)

Necessary Sessions for Each Radar

We recommend the facilitated Team Agility & OKR Workshop:
– Intro & Alignment on Outcomes/OKRs | 0.5 hr
– Radar Overview & Assessment | 0.75-1 hr
– Retrospective & Growth Planning | 1 hr

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Additional Sessions:

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