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Machine Learning & AI Radar

Measure the maturity of your organization’s Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) practices, execution and culture, to gain visibility into their current maturity, identify key areas for growth and develop a concrete growth plan of action for the next quarter at the program and team levels.

Radar Audience

This assessment could be completed at a program level and would include technology managers and members of the architecture, operations, security, testing and release management areas.

Radar Dimensions


Benefits of Utilizing the Radar

  • Strategic focus for guidance on what to prioritize for the most benefit
  • Understanding strengths and areas that need work, shaping decisions on training, hiring, and tech choices
  • Managing risks to identify and address potential risks while integrating ML & AI
  • Business alignment to ensure that ML & AI projects align with overall business goals
  • Tech future-proofing for a clear view of present tech trends and outlines the steps to stay ahead in ML & AI

Suggested Introduction Time for the Radar

  • At the start of a transformation to baseline or at any point in time to baseline; Rollout to teams based on the rollout plan

Ongoing Cadence for Using the Radar

  • 2-3 times per year 

Radar Facilitation Needs

  • Certified AgilityHealth® Facilitator to facilitate the retrospective, as well as pre-and post-retrospective activities including Manager Debrief (one per 4-5 teams)

Necessary Sessions for Each Radar

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