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Unified Navigation & Platform Redesign

Important: We will be sharing the platform redesign with beta customers in Q2 of 2024. Let your Customer Success Manager know if you are interested in participating!

Exciting news! In 2024, the AgilityHealth platform will be completely redesigned! This article will help our beta customers understand what is different in the redesign versus the current AgilityHealth platform.

A video highlighting the new platform is coming soon but for now, here's a sneak peek at the new Teams Dashboard.

Redesign Teams Dashboard

If you are a beta tester, you can easily switch from the redesign to the current platform and vice versa by hovering over your profile in the upper right corner of the platform and choosing 'Switch - New Navigation' or 'Switch - Old Navigation' from the dropdown.

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 2.40.20 PM.png

Here's a list of some major items that have changed with the redesign. Please note: This is not a full list of all the changes.

Overall Platform:

  • The left navigation in our current Insights and Business Outcomes dashboards is now throughout the platform in the redesign.
    • The left navigation will also now include teams that have the Group of Individuals work type for teams taking talent development assessments, but no data will show for these teams in the Enterprise Agility, 4 Lenz, or Structural Agility dashboards.
  • Easily search for a team in the left navigation and see where it's located in your team hierarchy, including its parent/children.

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 2.25.13 PM.png

  • All platform functionality is now located in tabs such as Manage Teams, Measure, Insights, Achieve Outcomes, Grow, and Learn. We also have a Configuration tab, which will replace Settings.
  • Choose a team in the left navigation and then simply switch to a different tab to see all information related to that team. You can also switch to a different team while staying in the same tab.

Redesign Top Navigation

  • All guidance available in the help icon on the platform or in the support center is for the current platform, not the redesigned platform

Manage Teams Tab:

  • Structural Agility is now part of the Manage Teams tab, instead of the Insights area. This allows you to see team details and how stable the teams are in the same tab.
    • This dashboard will not be usable for teams with the Group of Individuals work type.
  • All users will be able to see information about all your company's teams but they will only be able to edit information for teams they have access to in their user profile.
    • Individuals who are team members and do not have any Admin role will not be able to edit information for any teams. Editing information includes adding/removing team members, stakeholders, and leaders.
  • The Grid View for sub-teams is available at all levels, excluding the team level on the Manage Teams tab. This was previously only on the Teams Dashboard for the company level. To see the grid view for the sub-teams that roll up to an Enterprise, Portfolio, or Multi-team, simply click on the team level in the left navigation and then navigate to the Sub-Teams tab.

Redesign Sub-Teams

  • Two team-level names have changed.
    • Enterprise teams are now called Portfolio teams.
    • N-tier teams are now called Enterprise teams.
  • The Quick Launch for Teams feature has been integrated as an option when you click the Create Teams button on the Manage Teams tab.
    • This option will only show if the feature is enabled for your company.

Redesign Add New Team

  • Team creation, located in the Manage Teams tab, is now top-down versus bottom-up. If your user permissions allow, you'll be able to create sub-teams that will automatically roll up to the level you have selected when clicking the Create Team button.
    • For example, when you have selected a Portfolio team in the left navigation when you click the Create Team button, you will only see Multi-team as the creation option because the Multi-team you create will automatically be a sub-team of the Portfolio team you have selected. 

Redesign Add Multi-team

  • Growth team members are now called Leaders.
    • These are members of multi-teams and portfolio teams and typically focus on organizational or enterprise growth items.

Redesign Leaders Tab

Measure Tab:

This tab is still under construction.

  • It will contain assessments, radar results, and growth journeys, as well as Pulse Checks, our new Campaign Manager, the Growth Items Dashboard, the Facilitator Dashboard, and more.

Gain Insights Tab:

The Insights tab contains the Enterprise Agility and 4 Lenz Dashboards.

  • The Structural Agility Dashboard is now in the Manage Teams tab.
  • Team Agility Dashboard was sunset on June 12, 2024 and is not available in the redesigned platform.
  • These dashboards will not have data for teams with the Group of Individuals work type.

Achieve Outcomes Tab:

The Achieve Outcomes tab contains the Business Outcomes Dashboard.

  • This dashboard will not be usable for teams with the Group of Individuals work type.

Grow Tab:

The Grow tab opens a new window containing the Growth Portal.

  • Nothing has changed with the Growth Portal from the current platform.

Learn Tab:

The Learn tab is under construction but will soon redirect you to AgilityHealth University, which contains all our certification courses, as well as videos from our AgileVideos site.

  • To make this work, we will enable single sign-on (SSO) between the AgilityHealth platform and AgilityHealth University.

Configuration Tab:

The Configuration tab will eventually house all the platform settings but is still under construction.

  • For now, settings need to be updated in the current platform.
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