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Responsible AI at AgilityHealth

Enhancing Security and Privacy in AI Insights

AgilityHealth is committed to the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in generating valuable insights for our customers, prioritizing the security and privacy of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) at every step. By employing Advanced Language Models such as GPT and Llama 2, facilitated through Azure's robust cloud services, we provide our users with rich, insightful data on team and organizational development. This empowers leaders with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions.

Our use of Azure Machine Learning simplifies the discovery, customization, and application of these powerful models, allowing us to focus on innovation without the burden of managing infrastructure dependencies. We uphold the highest standards of AI responsibility and data protection, incorporating Azure's AI Content Safety features to safeguard against inappropriate content and ensure that PII remains anonymized in our LLM outputs. This dual approach to safety includes stringent content filters and efficient management of cached data to avoid unnecessary data transmission risks.

By exclusively processing data within Microsoft's Azure framework, separate from OpenAI's direct services, we maintain a secure and isolated environment for our AI operations. This ensures that our deployment of AI technologies aligns with the best practices for data privacy and compliance, protecting our customers' information with the utmost care.

For further insight into our security measures and the innovative use of AI technologies at AgilityHealth, please visit the following resources:

AgilityHealth's dedication to AI Responsibility reflects our commitment to leveraging technology in a way that respects user privacy and promotes the secure and ethical use of AI.

Leveraging Natural Language Query (NLQ) for AI Insights

AgilityHealth's Natural Language Query (NLQ) capability empowers users to interact with their data in everyday language, making it possible for them to ask questions in simple English (or other supported languages) and receive responses in the form of visuals or detailed reports. This feature, built on the Microsoft PowerBI platform, employs artificial intelligence to decode and process user queries, transforming them into actionable insights. NLQ is used to power the Ask AgilityAI widget on the Structural Agility dashboard

The security of NLQ within AgilityHealth is reinforced by the comprehensive security frameworks of the Microsoft PowerBI platform, including:

  • Data Security: This foundational layer ensures that users can only access data for which they have authorization. By verifying users' permissions prior to data retrieval and display, the NLQ feature aligns with PowerBI’s stringent security protocols and permissions settings, guaranteeing data governance and regulatory compliance.
  • Query Processing: Queries submitted by users are managed in a protected environment that shields the queries' contents from unauthorized exposure, safeguarding the confidentiality of the data and the intentions behind the queries.
  • Secure Connection: All communications, including the submission of natural language queries from the user's device to PowerBI, are securely encrypted, substantially diminishing the risk of data interception and unauthorized access.
  • Compliance and Auditing: As part of Microsoft’s suite, PowerBI adheres to a broad range of compliance standards, ensuring that data processing and management meet strict regulatory criteria. Additionally, auditing tools are available to track and examine the use and access of the NLQ feature, fostering transparency and accountability.
  • Privacy Protection: Microsoft's commitment to privacy includes measures to ensure that queries are processed with a high regard for user privacy. This involves anonymizing queries whenever possible and ensuring data management practices comply with applicable privacy regulations.

In essence, AgilityHealth's NLQ feature seamlessly integrates the simplicity of natural language queries with the rigorous security measures of the Microsoft PowerBI platform, offering users a safe, secure way to access and analyze their data.

Additional NLQ powered by Microsoft PowerBI Technologies:

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