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Unified Calculations Engine

Info: This update was deployed to most customers on May 29, 2024.

You want to make data-driven decisions. AgilityHealth is here to help. We built a unified backend calculation engine that our entire platform now leverages for key metrics such as Agility Index, maturity, performance, growth over time, and benchmarking.

This new calculation engine improves our APIs, growth journeys, radar results pages, dashboards, benchmarking, and reports.

So, what's new?

Previously, metrics like competency scores, sub-dimension scores, and dimension scores that are shown on radar results pages and growth journeys were calculated differently in comparison to metrics on dashboards. Now, the methodology used everywhere is the same.

Watch this video to learn more!

Download the presentation used in this video at the bottom of this article. 

Here's a written breakdown of what's new:

  • Competency and Dimension Scores: We now calculate the competency and dimension averages as the total of all responses to all questions / # of responses. Previously, we were taking the average of the sum of what each participant answered for all questions in each competency and averaging the sub-dimension scores to obtain the dimension score.
    • This change only affects 10% of the competencies in all our radars. Most competencies only have one question so there will be no change for those competencies. 
    • This could mean the red average lines and some of the individual black dots on the radars are not in the same place as before as some team members and stakeholders may answer more or less questions in a competency than others.
    • This change may also be reflected in Growth Journeys with scores being slightly higher or lower than before.
  • Benchmarking: The calculations used for the Benchmarking feature have been updated and the data set has been expanded. 
  • APIs: New API endpoints have been created to use the new unified calculations engine. Customers will need to call these endpoints to see the changes. 
  • Learn more about the new High Variance Treatment feature that can be enabled for your company - this is optional.

Please Note:

  • The Performance Dimension Score present in Growth Journeys focuses on all sub-dimensions and questions in the Performance dimension including the metrics and confidence questions.
    • When looking at the dimension score for Performance on the Growth Journey, this will differ from the Performance widgets on the Team and Enterprise Agility dashboards that only look at quantitative questions.
    • You can choose to look at the sub-dimension scores for the Performance dimension on the Growth Journey and see just the metrics data, which will match the Performance widgets.
  • The Team Agility and Enterprise Agility Dashboards, while having some similar widgets, use different parameters and will not match each other.

For details on the difference in calculations, download the document at the bottom of this article. 

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