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Growth Items AI Summarization

We’ve combined your data and AI-driven insights using Generative AI (GenAI) to create the first of many AI enhancements to our platform. Our latest feature, AI Summarization, helps summarize and analyze Growth Items to understand common themes, patterns, and challenges and provides recommendations for possible solutions.

GenAI leverages the ChatGPT alias OpenAI LLM (Large Language Model) model to find insights within your company’s data within AgilityHealth. We have implemented GenAI so that none of our customers’ data leaves the platform to be analyzed; everything stays in AgilityHealth. Learn about our dedication to Responsible AI.

Info: AI Summarization is currently in beta and will be generally available for customers in 2024.

To save you the time of analyzing hundreds of Growth Items on the Growth Items Dashboard, AI Summarization will summarize and provide an analysis of common themes and patterns in Growth Items across your teams.

We recommend using the filter options on the Growth Items Dashboard first, to narrow down the list of growth items being analyzed. Once you have filtered the growth items down to only the ones you wish to analyze, click the AI Summarization button on the right side of the dashboard.

AI Summarization icon

The AI Summarization modal will open. You will see different prompts in the blue boxes on the screen and will simply click one of those to begin.

AI Summarization modal

When a user in your company clicks a prompt, the AI engine analyzes your growth items. The results shown will remain for 24 hours or until another user in your company clicks the Regenerate button, whichever comes first. You can see which user last generated results and when they were generated next to the button. 

The data returned to you will be related only to the filtered growth items. In this example, the text next to each Theme is a common theme based on the analysis of the selected growth items. The bullet points below each Theme are recommendations for improvement.

Ai Summarization growth items

Click Back to Prompts to return to the first screen of the modal listing each prompt. Click the Copy link to copy the text from this prompt so that you may paste it into a document of your own. 

AI Summarization back to prompts

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