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Manage Campaigns

Important: This new feature is currently in BETA! Let your Customer Success Manager know if you want to be a beta tester!

Scheduling assessments and retrospectives for hundreds of teams can be a full-time job. The Manage Campaigns functionality allows you to schedule assessments, assign facilitators, launch assessments, track assessment status, and communicate with facilitators and team contacts about their assessments at scale.

We suggest you designate one or two 'campaign operators' within your company to create and manage all of your team assessments using the Manage Campaigns feature. This is a powerful tool that allows emails to be sent to multiple people in your company so please proceed with caution.

Note: For now, when enabled, this feature will be shown to Company Admins and Business Line Admins. Future functionality is planned to limit the teams a Business Line Admin can include in a campaign to the same teams assigned to them in their user profile. Until then, Business Line Admins will be able to include any team in your company in a campaign.

Overview & Demo

Manage Campaigns allows you to create and launch your campaign in 6 simple steps:

  • Campaign Details: Select campaign details and decide how you want to match teams with facilitators.
  • Select Teams: Search and filter your teams by tags.
  • Select Facilitators: Select facilitators for selected teams.
  • Matchmaking: Match teams with facilitators automatically, manually assign facilitators, or assign team contacts as facilitators.
  • Set Up Assessments: Select time frames for when emails will be sent, when the assessments can be taken, and when retrospectives will occur.
  • Review: Confirm the details of your campaign and schedule it to launch!

Once your campaign is launched, you can view your results in a campaign dashboard by team or facilitator.

If you need to send a reminder to facilitators and/or team contacts, the compose email function makes this easy.

That’s it! Now you can spend less time creating and launching assessments, and more time reviewing results.

Want a quick demo?

Check out this video from the Manage Campaigns Product Owner, Sean Lemson, which goes over how the campaign manager will work and what we anticipate the dashboard and email functionality will look like. 

Manage Campaigns

The Manage Campaigns tab houses all campaigns for your company. To create a campaign, use the Create New Campaign button. Use keywords from the campaign's name in the Search field to search for a campaign. 

A campaign can have the status of Draft, Published, Closed, and Archived. To include archived campaigns in the list, check the Include Archived box. 

Manage Campaigns Statuses


This status is for campaigns that a user started to create and saved but the creation process is not yet finished and the campaign has not been published.

To continue where you left off when creating the campaign, click Edit. If you would like to delete the campaign entirely, click Delete.


When the create campaign process is completed and the campaign has been published, the status column will say Published. The campaign can now be edited and monitored on the Campaign Dashboard by using the View button.


When a campaign’s end date has passed, the campaign status automatically changes from Published to Closed and the Archive button will be added next to the View button. 

When a campaign is closed, it becomes read-only on the Campaign Dashboard, except for the email functionality.


When a closed campaign is archived, it will remain read-only on the Campaign Dashboard and the email functionality will be disabled.

Get started by creating your campaign.

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