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Retrospective Agenda and Best Practices Guide

Download the agenda and best practices guide.

Retrospective Session Info 

These are suggestions for a TeamHealth Retrospective (they may very by survey):

Sample Meeting Agenda - includes taking the survey during the retrospective


Sample Meeting Agenda - survey is taken prior to the retrospective


AgilityHealth® Retrospective Facilitation Tips 



Retrospective Talking Points 

These are suggestions for a TeamHealth Retrospective (the scale may very by survey):


Important: Remind everyone to bring a laptop.

Sample Email to the Team


Sample Email to Stakeholders


Sample Assessment Email

Important: Since each survey link is unique to the user that receives the email, no one should forward the assessment email you receive. If someone takes the survey in their place, the system will not allow them to take it.

Each team member receives a unique survey link in order to ensure each team member only completes the survey one time. All answers are anonymous and will not be tied back to a team member in any way. We simply track whether each person sent the survey has completed it or not and have functionality in place to allow the survey to be resent, if the email did not come through the first time. 


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