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Servant Leadership Radar


Individual Health Assessment Radar Purpose

Individual role-based survey with 360 assessment. Digs deeper into the character and behaviors of a leader. Gives your leaders visibility into how they perceive themselves as leaders, how they are perceived by others as leaders, and the difference between the two.

Radar Audience

Executives/Senior leaders, middle managers, team leader

Radar Dimensions


Benefits of Utilizing the Radar

  • Effective and standardized 360 evaluation for self improvement, aligned to Lean/Agile principles

Suggested Introduction Time for the Radar

  • Any time, but recommend completing as part of a training program/after learning about servant leadership

Ongoing Cadence for Using the Radar

  • Twice a year

Radar Facilitation Needs

  • Certified AgilityHealth Facilitator to facilitate the retrospective and pre and post-retrospective activities
  • Experienced program/ enterprise coach for debrief session and to help develop the growth plan

Necessary Sessions for Each Radar

  • Survey launch
  • Individual debrief and growth plan session


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