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TeamHealth Radar 2.0


Radar Purpose

Benchmark for measuring the health of Agile teams.

Radar Audience

Typically completed by the agile team members: Product Owners, ScrumMasters, Technical Leads & Team Members. 

Radar Dimensions


Benefits of Utilizing the Radar

  • Consistent definitions and measurement of team health and performance across all teams
  • Rollup data across multiple teams to identify trends and where to focus improvement efforts
  • Develop actionable growth plans at every level of the organization
  • Measure maturity over time
  • Leverage the growth portal for recommended growth items and for learning

Suggested Introduction Time for the Radar

  • Rollout to teams according to Rollout Plan
  • Need to have about 1 certified Agility Health Facilitator available per 4-5 teams

Ongoing Cadence for Using the Radar

Every quarter or release; at PI boundary for organizations using SAFe

Radar Facilitation Needs

  • Certified AgilityHealth Facilitator to facilitate the retrospective and pre and post-retrospective activities, including Manager Debrief
  • 1 Facilitator per 4-5 Agile teams
  • Trained facilitator (program-level coach) for the Multi-Team Growth Strategy sessions
  • Trained presenter for the Overview for Teams and Overview for Leaders sessions

Necessary Sessions for Each Radar

  • Team Retrospective
  • Manager Debrief
  • Overview for Teams (as new teams are introduced)
  • Overview for Leaders (when rolling out to a new area)
  • Multi-Team Growth Strategy session


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