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Preparing for the Retrospective

Preparing for the Retrospective(s)

To help the Facilitator learn about the team(s) and schedule the retrospective(s), the Facilitator will meet with you prior to the retrospective(s) to learn about each team and to get your input into scheduling the meeting. The Team Profile in AgilityHealth is a good place to start the discussion.

To get to the Team Profile, begin with the Team Dashboard, where you’ll see the familiar view of the team(s) listed in Images View.  You will only see the team(s) for which you are the ScrumMaster or Team Admin.

Hover over the icon for the team whose profile you want to see and click the blue pencil


Once there, you can see information specific to that team that may help the Facilitator learn about them.

Review this information with the Facilitator and help them to complete the fields on this screen so that they have a good understanding each team prior to their retrospective.

Scheduling your Team's AgilityHealth Retrospective 

Work with the Facilitator to find a time for the retrospective session that will work well for each team individually. If the survey is taken prior to the retrospective, plan for the retrospective to take 2-2 ½ hours. If the survey is going to be taken as a team, during the retrospective, schedule the session for 3 hours. When possible, leverage an existing meeting time for the retrospective to minimize disruption to the team. 

Here is the agenda you can include in the invite to your team, based on if they are taking the assessment in the retrospective session or if they are taking it beforehand. 

You will also need to keep the team members updated as they join or leave your team(s). To learn more about how to do this see Setting Up and Managing Teams

Enter your Team's Quantitative Metrics

This section may not be necessary for your role – please check with your Company Admin. 

In addition to the team’s responses to the survey (qualitative metrics), the team’s quantitative metrics for the past quarter help to tell the story about the team’s health and performance. These metrics can be entered manually into AgilityHealth or your organization may have an integrated solution to pull the metrics automatically. Either way, if applicable to your company and your role, take the time before the retrospective to make sure the metrics are displaying accurately.

Once you have selected a team and are in edit mode, you can click on the Metrics tab to enter quantitative metrics or review your integrated metrics for that team’s iterations and releases. To learn more about how to do this see Add/Edit Your Team's Metrics.

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