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Understanding the Growth Item Dashboard

The Growth Item Dashboard allows users the ability to search for and view all Growth Items for your company. This is useful when you need to find a growth item without knowing which team or multi-team created it or has pulled it in, or when you want to see the status of growth items across all teams or a group of teams. 

Info: This dashboard is available to Company Admins, Business Line Admins and Team Admins.

Growth Item Dashboard Location

If the Growth Item Dashboard is enabled for your company, you will see the Growth Item Dashboard in the top navigation, along with the other dashboards.


Once you select the Growth Items Dashboard you will be presented with a grid of all the Growth Items that have been created by active teams. 

Growth Items Grid View Dashboard Functionality

When in Grid View, you will see each Growth Item for your company on it’s own row. You can export and filter your view, as described below. 


  • Export to Excel 
    • You are able to export the entire dashboard to an excel spread sheet. Any filters will be saved in the export as well. This is useful when you want to share certain items with leaders who do not have access to AgilityHealth® or prefer this information in an excel file. This is also useful for when you want to search for keywords or organize the information in a different way. 
  • Filter by category
    • All - allows you to see all the items in the growth items dashboard
    • Organizational - filters to only the organizational items. This view is helpful for managers and leadership to focus on the items the teams are requesting their help with.
    • Team - filters to only the team growth items. This view is helpful for seeing the status of items being worked at the team level. 
    • Enterprise - filters to only the items that have been escalated up from organizational to the enterprise. This view is helpful for executives and enterprise coaches. The Enterprise category is not an option on Team level Growth Items.
  • Radar Type
    • All - shows growth items across all the radars 
    • None - shows growth items created on the Team's Growth Item Dashboard that are not associated with a radar type.
    • [Radar Type] - you can select any radar type that is enabled for your organization to view items related to it, for example DevOps to view technical items. 
  • Tags
    • You're able to filter by tags for your organization, for example if you've tagged different lines of business. 
  • Sort by Column Heading / Choose what columns to display
    • In order to group by different teams, status, or any other column, you can drag any column heading to the area right above it labeled 'Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column'.
    • To sort any column - click on the arrow next to it and you'll be able to sort by ascending or descending order.
    • 'Columns' - this allows you to select what columns to display. You can add additional columns or hide columns currently displayed by selecting them.
    • 'Filter' - here you can customize your view. For example, if you were looking for all items that contain 'leadership', you could filter the 'Title' column to contains = leadership.  

Growth Items Kanban View Dashboard Functionality

You can change the toggle in the upper right hand corner to Kanban and change the view of your company’s Growth Items to be shown according to their status as cards on a Kanban board.


Next to the words Kanban View in the upper left hand corner, you will see icons representing the Enterprise, Organizational, Team and Individual growth items in the board and the number for each of them. 

You may also filter this board by Category (Team, Enterprise, Organizational) and Radar Type by using those drop down boxes. 

You may export your Growth Items to Excel by clicking on the green Excel icon in the upper right hand corner. 

You may edit any Growth Item by clicking on the Edit icon in the upper right hand corner of that item's individual card. This will open the Growth Plan for the team that owns the growth item, so you can continue to edit the growth item there. 


You may customize your Kanban board by selecting the gear icon for Settings in the upper right hand corner. The Customize Growth Plan Card will appear. This will allow you to show or hide any panel (column) in the Kanban board. You can also choose to show or hide any icon on the individual Kanban cards by choosing from the task properties section. 


Learn more about creating team growth items, executing the team growth plan or learn about managing organizational growth items.  

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