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The TeamHealth Survey

Taking the Team Health Survey

When the survey is launched by your AHF, you will receive an email to begin the process. In it, you'll find a link to your survey. Members of your team(s) will also receive an email with a link to their surveys.

Email invitation to take the survey

Once you have completed the survey, you and your team members may receive an email asking you to confirm and set up your account in AgilityHealth. You will not receive this email if you are already set up in AgilityHealth with an account. 

Email for account confirmation

Tracking the Survey Completion for Your Team(s)

This section explains how to track the survey completion rate for your team(s) and identify which team members have not taken the survey. 

Launch AgilityHealth to access the Team Dashboard page. On the Team Dashboard, you’ll see the icons for each of the team(s) listed in Images View.  Click on the team’s icon to get to that team’s Assessment Dashboard. You will only see the teams for which you are the ScrumMaster or Team Admin.

Click on the icon for the Team you wish to review.

Once there, hover over the survey you wish to review and click on the Blue Pencil icon to edit the survey details.

Edit the survey to see who has completed it

Once you are in the edit mode you can see details such as who the Facilitator is, when the end date is for the survey, and the team members included. Scroll to the Team Member section to see the status of each person’s survey.

Here you can see which team members have or have not taken the survey.  It will say “Completed” next to team members that have completed the survey. Other options are:

  • Green Envelope – click here to resend the invitation to take the survey
  • Links – click here to view the link for the team member
  • Red X – remove the team member if they will not be participating

If icons are displaying in the Actions column, they have not finished the survey yet. Depending on how much more time they have left to complete the survey, consider sending a reminder email or following up to encourage them to finish it.  The end date for the survey is created when the survey is generated, generally 2 weeks from when you receive the initial invitation to participate. 

Scroll down to the Team Members section to view who has or has not completed the survey

To get back to the main dashboard, click on “Return to Dashboard” in the top right section of the page. 

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