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Taking a Team AgilityHealth Survey

This guide will help you as a Team Member understand how to take a team-based AgilityHealth Survey. The information from this survey will help your team know its progress within your Agile program and build a growth plan.

An AgilityHealth Retrospective is a strategic retrospective that aims to help teams reflect on their last quarter or release and improve on the next quarter or release.

The retrospective is made up of three parts. First, team members take the survey, then, the team analyzes the results and works together to build an actionable growth plan.


Taking a Team-Based AgilityHealth Survey 

It all starts with the team member surveys, including your own, so let's start there.  You should have received an email to begin the process. In it, you'll find a link to your survey. Members of your team(s) will also receive an email with a link to their surveys.

Important: Since each survey link is unique to the user that receives the email, please do not forward the assessment email you receive. If someone takes the survey in your place, the system will not allow you to take it.

Each team member receives a unique survey link in order to ensure each team member only completes the survey one time. Your answers are anonymous and will not be tied back to you in any way. We simply track whether each person sent the survey has completed it or not and have functionality in place to allow the survey to be resent to you, if the email did not come through the first time. 

For all questions, if you are not sure where your team is at, please select ‘Not Sure’ as your answer. Do not select a random rating if you truly don’t know the answer.

Click on the "Take Our Survey" link and you'll be taken to the Survey page. The page will prompt you to Start the Survey. Please note that your responses to the Survey are anonymous on the radar, no one will know where you ranked each answer on the survey. You will recognize your textual responses because you wrote them but they will not be tied back to you in any way. The answers shared will help your team grow as they plan for the next quarter and beyond, so we strongly encourage you to be as open, honest, and constructive as possible with your answers.  The Survey page will look similar to the below image. 

On the left, you’ll see tabs to the different Survey sections.  To the right, you’ll find the questions you’ll need to complete once you click Start to begin the survey. The survey will take about 45 mins to an hour. 

Below image shows different features of the page:

  • If you need to step away from your survey, click Save. To return to your survey, click the link in the email you received to access your survey for the first time.
  • If you want to go to a previous or next question, click one of the green question arrows.
  • If you want to go to a previous or next section, click one of the green section arrows. 
  • Please note: Do not use your browser back button to move between sections as it will not save the information you’ve already entered. Use the Previous/Next arrows and it will save the answers you’ve already provided

Before you advance to the next section, you must answer all the questions in the current section. If you click Next before answering all the questions in a section, the unanswered questions turn red and it asks you to complete the questions before advancing to the next section.

Some questions have a tool tip on the right-hand side to provide additional guidance. Hover over the question mark to view the tip.

After a grouping of questions, you will see an open text box where you may put any additional thoughts you have about that topic. Adding these comments is important as they will be included in the survey results and will help the team discussion during the retrospective. Your textual responses are anonymous, so long as you don’t type anything that would specifically identify you. 

Info: Constructing useful textual responses is important. Be specific and constructive in your response.

An example of a response that is not actionable is as follows: I do not like how the Product Owner manages our backlog.

Here is an example of a productive/constructive textual response: It would be helpful if the Product Owner could prioritize our backlog prior to our planning meetings to save time.

At the end of the Survey, you will be asked to enter in textual responses for Strengths, Growth Opportunities and Impediments. Please be as complete as possible with your answers as these are used to help create Growth Plan Items to be worked on over the coming iterations/sprints.

Once you answer the questions in all sections, you’ll find the Finish button is available. Once you submit, your answers are recorded and cannot be changed. Once complete with all questions, click Finish to submit the assessment.

Remember, your answers are anonymous and the best way to help your team improve is to be honest in your answers.

Creating Your AgilityHealth Account

Once you have completed the survey, you may receive an email asking you to confirm and set up your account in AgilityHealth. You will not receive this email if you are already set up in AgilityHealth with an account or if your company has chosen to not set up each employee as an AgilityHealth user. Visit Creating Your AgilityHealth Account for more information. 

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