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Using the Team Dashboard Grid View

On the right side of the Team Dashboard navigation bar, you can see several buttons.


The View button allows you to view the teams on the dashboard differently. You can use the Swim Lanes View to only see each team’s icon and their team name or the Grid View to see a tabular view of all your teams with additional information such as the number of assessments this team completed, date of their last assessment, which sub-teams roll-up into other teams and how the team is tagged.

Here is an example of Grid View:


Filter Your View


You can choose to filter by team type, by choosing an option from the menu with All in the box. You can also type in an team name or work type in the Search bar to filter.

Additionally, you can choose to click the down arrow by any column and sort in ascending or descending order. You can even select and deselect which columns you can see on the dashboard by clicking the down arrow next to any column and hovering over Columns in the drop down. The simply check or uncheck the appropriate columns.

Company Admins love being able to see what Sub-Teams, Multi-Teams and Enterprise Teams are linked together using the Sub-Teams, Multi-Teams and Enterprise Teams columns.


Edit, Archive, Delete or Restore a Team

At the end of any row, you can use the blue Edit icon or the red File icon to edit, archive, delete or restore a team. Learn more about those items here

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