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Creating and Launching Batch Assessments

If you have multiple teams that need to take the same team-based assessment at the same time with the same AgilityHealth® Facilitator, you can choose to create and launch assessments simultaneously using Batches. You cannot use batches to schedule Talent Development assessments. To get there, visit the Assessment Dashboard and click on Batches next to Scheduler and Assessment List.


Create Batch Assessments

To create a batch assessment, click on the black plus sign next to the Assessment Type filter.


Enter a Batch Name and Assessment Name and choose the Assessment Type from the drop-down. Fill in the facilitation information (if you do not know the name of the facilitator it can be left blank). Select the teams you want to include by using the checkboxes on the left side. You can search by Team Tag in the search bar and filter by Work Type using the drop-down for that filter.

Select if you want to send the assessments to Team Members only or Team Members and Stakeholders. Choose a start date and time, as well as an end date and time for the assessments.

You may then click Schedule to schedule the assessments to be sent at a later date or click Send & Launch Now to send the assessments out by email now.


If you choose to Schedule your assessments to be launched at a later date, you will see a confirmation pop-up asking you to confirm the assessment type, number of teams, and start date, as well as who will receive the assessments. Click either "No, cancel" to go back and edit your choices, or "Yes, proceed" to schedule the assessments.


Filter Batches

You can filter your batches by using the Assessment Type or Created By filters. You can also search by Batch Name in the search bar if you have previously created batches. You can click the Excel icon to download the batches into Excel.


Additionally, you can choose to click the down arrow by most column titles and sort in ascending or descending order. You can also select and deselect which columns you can see on the dashboard by hovering over Columns in the drop-down menu and simply checking or unchecking the appropriate columns.


Edit, Delete, or Export 

To edit a batch, click on the Edit button at the end of the batches row. Click the down arrow to delete the batch, or export the batch information into Excel. 


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