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Understanding the Team Dashboard

The Team Dashboard is the first item you will see when you log into AgilityHealth®. 


Return to Dashboard and Breadcrumbs

The AgilityHealth® logo in the upper right hand corner can be clicked on to return to this dashboard throughout AgilityHealth®. Directly below our logo, you’ll see what’s called ‘breadcrumbs’ throughout our platform - this is a path of links showing you how you navigated to your current location.


Dashboard Tabs

You can determine which dashboard you are currently on within AgilityHealth® by noticing it’s grey color, versus the black color of the other dashboard. From the Team Dashboard, you can navigate to the Admin, Enterprise, Growth Items, Assessment and Facilitator Dashboards, depending on your company and/or user permissions. Please check with your Company Admin or Customer Success Manager if you need additional clarification.


Import a Team in Bulk

On the right side of the Team Dashboard navigation bar, you can see several buttons.

The blue and white Import button allows you to download a template for importing team information in bulk, instead of adding teams one at a time. Currently, this feature is not an out of the box solution. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about how it works.


Add a Team

The green Add a Team button will take you into a wizard that walks you through adding a team to AgilityHealth®. You can create a team, multi-team or enterprise team and the wizard will walk you through the process you choose. You can follow our page by page guides for Setting up a Team, Setting up a Multi-Team and Setting up an Enterprise Team


View Button

The View button allows you to view the teams on the dashboard differently.


You can use the Swim Lanes View to only see each team’s icon and their team name. The Grid View is a tabular view of all your teams with additional information such as the number of assessments this team completed, date of their last assessment and how the team is tagged.

Swim Lanes View


Grid View


Learn more about the Swim Lanes and Grid Views

Expand and Collapse Rows

In the Team Dashboard navigation, the Expand All button will expand all the rows on the Team Dashboard in Swim Lanes view. The button will then change to say Collapse All, which will collapse the rows when clicked. The button does not appear in Grid View. If you wish to expand or collapse a single row in the Swim Lanes view, simply click on the blue, green or orange colored swim lane.


Sort by Active and Archived Teams

The State button will allow you to filter which teams you see on the dashboard - active or archived teams. You can easily switch between views by clicking the button again.


Filtering your view

In Swim Lanes View, you can click on the green sidebar to the left of the first team on your dashboard to filter your view by specific team tags. For example, you can filter to view only the teams in a certain portfolio, program, business units, work type (software dev, support, business teams). Learn more about the Views. 


Swim Lanes - Teams, Multi-Teams and Enterprise Teams

On the Team Dashboard, if your permissions are set to see more than just the team(s) you are a part of, you may see an image like the below. This shows how the teams within your company are organized in AgilityHealth®.


The blue swim lanes are a grouping of individual teams by work type such as software delivery, service and support, etc. By clicking on the team’s icon, you can go to that team’s Assessment Dashboard and view the assessments they have already taken.


The orange swim lanes are a grouping of several sub-teams into one parent team, called multi-teams. These could be grouped by program, product line, portfolios, business units, communities of practice, etc. When you click on the team icon for a multi-team, you’ll be taken to the multi-team radar combining data from all the sub-teams included in that multi-team.


The green swim lanes are a grouping of portfolio or product multi-teams that may make up your entire organization or a division of your organization, called enterprise teams. By creating enterprise teams, you create rollup radars of all the data in the sub-teams’ radars included in that enterprise team. To view the roll up radar, just click on the team’s icon.


Learn more about teams, multi-teams and enterprise teams

Editing, Archiving or Deleting a Team

You can edit, archive or delete a team by hovering over their team icon on the Team Dashboard and choosing either the blue pencil or red cabinet icons. Learn how to edit, archive or delete a team.



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