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How do I update, edit, archive, delete or restore a team?

On the Teams Dashboard, in the swim lanes view, you can edit, archive, or delete a team by hovering over their team icon/avatar on the Teams Dashboard and choosing either the blue pencil or red cabinet icons.

In the grid view, you can select the appropriate icon to the right of the team you wish to edit.

Swim Lanes View


Grid View


Please note: Not all users have permission to edit, archive, or delete a team. Please check with your Company Admin if these options are not available to you.

Edit Icon

On the Teams Dashboard, while in grid view, you can edit a team’s profile, edit/add/remove team members and stakeholders to a team or enter a team’s hard metrics by clicking the blue pencil icon. In swim lanes view, hover over the team's avatar and click the pencil icon to edit. For a multi-team, you can edit the profile, sub-teams, and growth team. For an enterprise team, you can edit the profile, sub-teams, and team members. For an n-tier team, you can edit the profile and sub-teams.

Once you click to edit the team, you will be taken to the Update Team Profile page and can choose the Team Members, Stakeholders, or Metrics tabs to edit the information there.


The Team Profile, Team Members, and Stakeholders tabs function the same as the pages do for those items when adding a team. To review, visit the how do I create or add a team article. 

Note: If you delete a Team Member or a Stakeholder from the team who has already completed assessments, their assessment responses will remain on any assessments they participated in previously.

Archive or Delete Icon

While in grid view on the Teams Dashboard, you click on the red cabinet icon for a team to archive or permanently delete a team. A pop-up will appear asking why you want to archive the team.


Select a specific reason and that reason will be added to the team’s profile. The team will be moved to an archived state and will not show on the Teams Dashboard unless you use the State button in the upper right corner of the Teams Dashboard to filter the teams by archived status.

If you archive a team, all their assessments and team-level growth items will be archived as well and the team's data will be removed from all dashboards. The team's team members will still have AgiliyHealth accounts but when they log in, they will not see this team any longer on the Teams Dashboard. If the team has growth items that have been pulled up as Organizational or Enterprise growth items into a multi-team or enterprise team, those growth items will remain in AgilityHealth but the team will be removed from the 'Affected Team' column. 

If you choose to permanently delete the team, pick that option from the Reason drop-down and click the Archive button. Choosing this option will remove the team entirely from your company and AgilityHealth®. 

Restore a Team

You can restore an archived team by changing the State button on the Teams Dashboard from active to archived. 


This will allow you to only see archived teams on the Teams Dashboard. In the swim lanes view, hover over the team you need to restore and click on the blue cabinet icon. In grid view, click the blue cabinet icon next to the team you need to restore.

Swim Lanes View


Grid View


A pop-up message will appear. Click Restore to make the ream active. 


If you restore a team, their assessments and team-level growth items will also be restored. They will again show as an 'Affected Team' for their previously pulled Organizational and Enterprise growth items. The team will again show up in dashboard data as well. 

To return to the normal Teams Dashboard view, click the State button and select active.

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