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Understanding the Assessment Dashboard

You can view all the assessments taken by teams in your company by visiting the Assessments Dashboard. To get there, after logging into AgilityHealth® and starting from the Team Dashboard, simply click on the Assessments Dashboard in the top navigation.


From this dashboard, you can easily see which teams have taken assessments or have them scheduled and what the response rate has been. Keep in mind that the number of responses and percentage include stakeholders and team members. Stakeholders tend to respond less frequently than team members.

The Assessment Dashboard view is only available for Company Admins, Business Line Admins and Team Admins.

Filter Assessments

Once on the Assessments Dashboard you'll be on the Assessment List. Here you can filter the assessments in many different ways.


You can choose to filter assessments by one of the options in the drop down list for Assessment Type, Status (open or closed), and Batch options. You can also type in an assessment name, team name or team tag in the Search bar to filter. 

The Export button can be used to export a list of your assessments into Excel. The columns displayed on the screen are the columns that will download into Excel.

You can choose to click the down arrow by any column and sort in ascending or descending order. You can even select and deselect which columns you can see on the dashboard by clicking the down arrow next to any column and hovering over Columns in the drop down. Then simply check or uncheck the appropriate columns.


Edit or Delete Assessments

At the end of the row for any assessment, you can click the Edit button to enter into the Assessment Details to edit them, or you can choose to delete the assessment by clicking on the down arrow next to Edit and choosing Delete.

The Send Email function that appears in the drop down is coming soon. This will allow you to send an email to team admins and facilitators, either one team or all teams. You could use this function to remind them to encourage team members to complete the assessment and more.


If you click on the Edit button, you can edit the assessment details, preview the assessment or view the results.


You can also add team members and stakeholders to an assessment and send the assessment to them.


This is also where you can enter in assessment notes and work on the team’s maturity checklist.

If the assessment was for the TeamHealth® radar, a Team Maturity Stage should be populated for you. This was calculated based on responses to the qualitative questions in the assessment. As an AHF, you can override the maturity stage if you truly believe the team is in a different stage than what AgilityHealth® calculated for the team.

If a Team Maturity Stage is not already selected, choose the appropriate stage from the drop down. 

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