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Scheduling an Assessment

If this feature is enabled for your company, you can create assessments ahead of time and then schedule them later by saving them as a Draft and then visiting the Scheduler. To get to the Scheduler, start from the Assessments Dashboard and then click on Scheduler on the left hand side, next to Assessment List and Batches.


Export Schedule

You can export the calendar view to PDF for your records by clicking on the Export to PDF button.


Change the Calendar Week

You can click on the arrows next to today to advance or go back to another week. You can also click on the blue text that shows the current week you are seeing in the scheduler to bring up a calendar and pick another week to view.


Change the view to be for a day, work week, or month by clicking on the appropriate button on the Scheduler page.


Viewing and Filtering Assessments

You can use the three filter options to display different assessments in the scheduler calendar. Simply choose an option(s) from the dropdown. You can click the circling arrows if you need to refresh the view.



Create Draft Assessment

You can create a draft assessment, without team members, stakeholders or many details by clicking the Create Draft Assessment button. This will allow you to block the time on the scheduler so Company Admins, Team Admins and Facilitators can see what is scheduled.


You can also create a draft assessment by clicking on the time you would like the assessment to start on the day you would like to hold the assessment in the scheduler. This will open the Create Draft Assessment pop up box.


Fill in the details and click Create Draft Assessment to save the assessment in the scheduler. If you chose a Facilitator in the creation process, the assessment will appear in blue in the scheduler. If you did not choose a Facilitator, the assessment will appear in orange. The gray/white pencil icon in the upper left hand corner of the calendar item tells you the assessment is in draft form and not yet published and launched. The green/white check mark icon in the upper left hand corner of the calendar item tells you the assessment is published and launched. 


Send Batch Assessments

You can choose multiple assessments at one time and launch them simultaneously by clicking the Send Batch Assessments button.



To learn about creating a batch assessment, visit Sending Batch Assessments

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