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How do I add or update team Iteration, Release and Performance Metrics

If your company uses this feature, Iteration and Release metrics can be entered manually into AgilityHealth® by the team or your organization may have an integrated solution to pull the metrics automatically. Either way, if applicable to your company and your role, take the time before the retrospective to make sure the metrics are displaying accurately. Oftentimes, Scrum Masters enter these metrics when preparing for the retrospective. Performance Metrics are currently not available to be manually added or updated.

To enter metrics manually or review integrated metrics, select a team from the Teams Dashboard and click on the blue pencil icon to edit the team. Once on the Team Profile, click on the Metrics tab to enter quantitative metrics or review your integrated metrics for that team’s iterations and releases. Performance Metrics may also automatically populate for you.


If available, you can click the Get Data button next to the Return to Dashboard button to pull in the metrics from your integration. This will take a few minutes so you can leave the page and return later. 

Iteration Data

In the Iteration Data section, you can add data for each iteration from the past quarter. If the data was added automatically through integration, review the data for accuracy. 


Release Data

In the Release Data/Increment section, you can add the release data for the last quarter. If the data was added automatically through integration, review the data for accuracy. 


Performance Metrics

If Performance Metrics are available via your integration, they will be populated here. We currently pull in feature cycle time, feature throughput, deployment frequency, predictability, and defect ratio. Enhancements are being developed to pull in more Performance Metrics. 


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