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Add an Enterprise Team

An Enterprise Team is a roll-up of data from Multi-Teams. You cannot launch assessments to an Enterprise Team, they are for roll-up purposes only. 

To create a roll-up Enterprise Team, upon logging into AgilityHealth®, you will see the Team Dashboard. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you can click the green ‘Add Team’ button to go through the simple wizard that walks you through setting up an Enterprise Team.


Select the 'Enterprise Team' option like the image below and click the Add Team button.


Next, you will complete the profile page which collects basic information about the Team.

Add/Edit Team Profile

  1. Enter an Enterprise Team Name (required)
  2. Select an Enterprise Team Type (required)
  3. Complete the remaining questions (optional), as applicable
  4. Select the Enterprise Team Tags. The available tags are determined by the team tags associated with the individual Teams set up for your company
  5. Click the Create Team & Add Sub-Teams button


Next, you will add the Sub-Teams that will make up this Enterprise Team.

Add Sub-Teams

Select the Teams that you want to include in the Enterprise Team view. You will choose from a list of all of the Multi-Teams that have been added to AgilityHealth®. Sub-Teams are not required to set up the Enterprise Team.

Note: You cannot roll an Enterprise Team up into another Enterprise Team so you will not see Enterprise Teams on the list to add as Sub-Teams. 

  1. Click on the Team Name in the left column to add them to the right column to select the Sub-Teams you want to be included on this Enterprise Team
  2. Type a Team Name in the Filter Sub-Teams box to search for a specific Team
  3. Click the Add Sub-Teams button


Next, you will add Continuous Improvement Leadership Team (Growth Team) members to the Enterprise Team.

Add Continuous Improvement Leadership Team (Growth Team)

The Continuous Improvement Leadership Team or Growth Team is made up of the Leaders and Coaches who support the group of Multi-Teams. The Continuous Improvement Leadership Team will work together to analyze the data from the radars (rolled up across all the Teams) and review and act on the Enterprise Growth Items created by the Sub-Teams.


Click the Add Team Member button to start adding Team Members individually.

  1. Enter the first name, last name and email address of the Team Member
  2. Enter the role for the Team Member from the drop-down list (optional)
  3. Allocation Type and Employment type are not likely to be needed for Growth Team Members, but you can add them if desired
  4. Click Save and Add New if you have more Team Members to add or Save and Close if this is your last Team Member to add

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 9.52.01 AM.png

You also have the option to bulk upload Team Members. Here's how:

  1. Download our team template using the icon to add in the participant’s name and email address.
  2. Upload the document and add in their roles and participant groups.


You can also choose to add Team Members from the Team Members already in AgilityHealth® by clicking on the blue Add From Directory button. You can choose individual members or entire teams from the directory.


Add Stakeholders

This step is unnecessary for Enterprise Teams so just click the green Review & Finish button to move on to the last step.


Review & Finish Page

Review the information entered to ensure all Sub-Teams and Growth Team Members are entered correctly.


View Radar

Once you have set up the Enterprise Team, click on the View Radar button on the bottom of the Review & Finish page to view the enterprise roll-up for the selected teams.


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