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Understanding Teams, Multi-Teams and Enterprise Teams

Teams are organized in AgilityHealth® in a hierarchy that includes individual teams, multi-teams and enterprise teams. If this feature is turned on for your company, you can create additional team levels using N-Tier teams

On the Teams Dashboard, you see upon logging into AgilityHealth®, the levels of teams are organized by the colored swim lanes. Enterprise teams are green, Multi-Teams are orange and Individual Teams are blue. N-Tier teams do not display on the Teams Dashboard in the swim lane view. 


You can use the View button to switch to a tabular view of the teams, called Grid View. You can see Teams, Multi-Teams, Enterprise Teams and N-Tier Teams on this dashboard. 


Team Level

Teams are comprised of team members who take an assessment and complete a retrospective session together to review the results and create an actionable growth plan. Even a group of individuals taking a talent development / individual 360 assessment are added as a team. 

Teams are in blue swim lanes and grouped by the tags that are added when the team is created. These tags include work type, methodology, product line, program, portfolio, business line, and strategic objectives. Tags are used to create multi-team radars, which are roll-up radars comprised of teams with the same tag. 

Swim Lane View of Teams:


Grid View of Teams:

You can see which multi-teams and enterprise teams an individual team rolls up into in this view. Use the View button to change between Swim Lane and Grid View.


Learn more about setting up individual teams.

Multi-Team Level

Multi-teams are a grouping of several teams (which will be called sub-teams) rolled up into a multi-team. This allows for coaches and leaders who support the teams to analyze the roll-up of data across the teams and to review and act on the organizational growth items created by the sub-teams.

Swim Lane View of Multi-Teams:


Multi-teams are in orange swim lanes and are grouped by the Multi-team Type label that is added when the multi-team is created. Multi-team types reflect the level of the organization, such as program, product line, business units, and portfolio, or the purpose of the team, such as growth management.

Grid View of Multi-Teams:


You can see which teams roll up into each multi-team as a sub-team and which enterprise team a multi-team rolls up into in this view. 

Learn how to set up a multi-team.

Enterprise Team Level

Enterprise teams are a grouping of multi-teams that represent your entire organization or a division of your organization. This provides an aggregated view of the radar results for the selected programs, business units or product lines and allows senior business leaders to review and act on enterprise growth items.

Swim Lane View of Enterprise Teams:


Enterprise teams are in green swim lanes and are grouped according to the Enterprise Team Type label that is selected when creating the Enterprise team (Portfolio or Enterprise).

Grid View of Enterprise Teams:

You can see which sub-teams and multi-teams roll up into an Enterprise Team in this view. 


Learn more about setting up an Enterprise team.

N-Tier Teams

Please visit our N-Tier team article to learn about these teams.

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