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How do I prepare for a retrospective?

Are you a Scrum Master/Team Admin looking for your role in preparing for a team radar retrospective? Get role-specific preparation best practices here.

Top 5 Things to Help an AgilityHealth® Facilitator Prepare for a Team Radar Retrospective

  1. To begin, work with the Scrum Master to ensure the team member and stakeholder information is up to date. Learn more about how to edit team information here.
  2. Work with the Scrum Master to schedule the retrospective session about two weeks prior using the AgilityHealth® Meeting Agenda & Best Practices.
  3. Create the assessment - visit the create and launch an assessment article to get a refresher on how to create an assessment.
  4. Send an e-mail to stakeholders at least a week or two ahead of the retrospective letting them know the date of the retrospective and send their short assessment to them a week before the retrospective. View the sample stakeholder e-mail.
  5. Review the facilitator quick reference aids.

For more details view the Preparing for the AgilityHealth® Retrospective article.

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