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Review and Analyze Your Results

Review Results

Once the team has completed the assessment, you’re ready to review the results. We recommend the Facilitator take a few minutes to demonstrate how to read the radar, before having the team break into small teams to review the dimensions. The Facilitator should also review the textual responses to ensure they are anonymous and not able to be tied to a particular team member.

To review the results of your team's assessment, after creating your AgilityHealth® account, login and you will land on the Team Dashboard. Click on your team's icon on the Team Dashboard. This will take you to your team’s assessments dashboard. Click on the specific assessment of interest and your results radar will appear in Summary view.

You can expand/collapse this view or toggle to the Detailed view where you see dots on the radar and a red average line. Each dot represents an anonymous response from one person. The shading between the dots is the ‘variance’ between answers. Wide variance shows lack of consensus, narrow shading shows consensus. Our How are Related Competencies Identified article provides a guide to Dimensions, Sub-Dimensions and Competencies, common patters and how competencies are related.

Analyze Results

Break into small groups. with each group choosing one of the dimensions to review. Each group should:

  • View the detail view, with the dots for responses
  • Zoom in to focus on that one section, making observations on Post-It Notes as they go
  • Be sure to consider related competencies
  • Look for trends and review the textual responses to confirm their thinking
  • Document their strengths, improvement areas and any impediments they see

The groups should then gather back together and each one should present their findings by dimension. As a whole group, you should:

  • Review the strengths, improvement areas and impediments found
  • Look for trends
  • Identify the top issues using dot/straw voting

To further help you with results analysis, you can view our How do I analyze team radar results article.

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