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How do I analyze team radar results?

Once the team has completed the assessment, you’re ready to analyze the results, usually during a retrospective session with an AgilityHealth® Facilitator (AHF) and your ScrumMaster.

To view the results of your team's assessment, log into AgilityHealth®, which will land you on the Teams Dashboard. Click on your team's avatar on the Teams Dashboard. This will take you to your team’s Assessments Dashboard. Click on the specific assessment of interest and your results radar will appear in Summary view.

The Summary view can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the '+' in the center of the radar. In collapsed mode, the radar shows the average of all scores within each dimension (the outer ring of the radar). In expanded view, it also shows the average score by sub-dimensions.


You can explore the Summary view or toggle (in the upper right-hand corner) to the Detailed view where you will see the individual scores by the team members. Each dot represents one person but as the results of the assessment are anonymous, you will not know which dot belongs to a specific person. The shading between the dots indicates the range of answers. A wide range shows lack of alignment, a narrow range indicates greater alignment.


When analyzing the results, you should:

  • View the Detailed view
  • Zoom in to focus on each section
  • Identify related competencies
  • Look for patterns and review the textual responses (learn how consensus is calculated here)
  • Document strengths, improvement areas and any impediments you see
  • During the retrospective session, along with the Facilitator and ScrumMaster, build a growth plan in AgilityHealth® with a few growth items for the team backlog and a few growth items for leadership/organizational backlog

For additional analysis tips visit: What are common patterns in the radar? and How can I see a team's progression over time? 

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