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AgilityHealth ScrumMaster Journey

As a ScrumMaster, you will be the first person that team members go to if they have questions regarding the TeamHealth Retrospective. You and the team(s) are expected to take a survey on a quarterly basis regarding team health and performance. This information will help your team(s) progress within your Agile program.

Your role as a ScrumMaster of a team:


  1. Preparing for the Retrospective(s)
    • Help the Facilitator learn about the team and schedule the retrospective(s)
    • Update team members and their roles, as team members leave and join the team
    • Prepare to answer the Metrics questions during the assessment
  2. The Survey
    • Taking the survey
    • Tracking survey completion for your team(s)
  3. Building and Managing the Growth Plan
    • During the retrospective
    • Managing the Growth Plan

Remember, you are not alone in your AgilityHealth journey. Other members of your organization have important roles as well.


Your key responsibilities can be broken down as follows:


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