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How do I facilitate a virtual Team or Big-Room Retrospective?

Individual teams with co-located and distributed members can take assessments and participate in Retrospectives, just like teams that all sit together daily. You can even facilitate Big-Room Retrospectives for many teams virtually. If you would like AgilityHealth® to help you with your first virtual Big-Room Retrospective, contact your CSM for assistance. 

Best Practices 

  • If the team(s) have taken this assessment type previously, have the team(s) take the assessment in advance of the retrospective session.
    - Send the assessment out to Stakeholders and Team Members no more than one week in advance of the retrospective session.
    - Provide clear instructions and a point of contact for any questions that team members may have as they take the assessment.
    - Check-in AgilityHealth® to see who has completed the assessment and follow up as needed to make sure all team members have submitted their responses before the retrospective session.
  • Make sure that all team members have access to login to AgilityHealth® and can view the assessment results. If your company has the feature turned on to lock assessment results until they are manually shared by the Facilitator in the Retrospective, make sure to share the assessment results so the team can review them. 
  • If the team(s) will be in the same room and only the Facilitator(s) will be remote, work with the Scrum Master to assist with communication and in-person facilitation. 
  • Use an online meeting service that supports screen sharing and use video conferencing when possible. Break-out rooms within the online meeting service are also useful so teams can break into small groups. See below for notes on using Zoom.
  • Use Idea Board as an online collaboration board for the activity where team members break into small groups and discuss the dimensions.
    - Have each person/group post their observations so they are visible.
    - Use features within Idea Board for the voting exercise, when possible
  • Provide opportunities for everyone’s voice to be heard. If not all team members are remote, check-in frequently with remote team members to get their input.
  • Conduct a Team Readout to share top OGIs and next steps (invite Managers to the Team Readout portion)
  • Conduct a quick retrospective for the meeting at the end to get ideas for improvement and learn what worked well.

Facilitating using Zoom

At AgilityHealth®, we use Zoom for our video conferencing and virtual retrospectives. Zoom supports screen sharing and breakout rooms, which we find useful so teams can break into smaller groups. Zoom offers different levels of support with different features, so be sure to choose the level you need to successfully accomplish your retrospectives.

When facilitating a retrospective for one team:

  • You need one AgilityHealth® Facilitator and one Zoom account that supports breakout rooms for the team to use when taking their assessment.
  • Utilize breakout rooms to allow smaller groups within the team to deep dive into a dimension and really analyze the results.
  • Bring the group back together to create team and organizational growth items.

When facilitating a Big-Room Retrospective:

  • You need one lead AgilityHealth® Facilitator using one Zoom account for the entire Big-Room Retrospective group and should utilize the breakout rooms for each team. View our suggested agenda.
  • When in their breakout room, each team's AgilityHealth® Facilitator will help the team analyze their assessment results and decide on their team and organizational growth items.
  • Bring the whole group back together with the lead AgilityHealth® Facilitator so teams can share what they learned. 

If you have multiple Zoom accounts available for a Big-Room Retrospective:

  • The lead AgilityHealth® Facilitator can use one Zoom account for when all the teams are together, and additional Zoom accounts can be used for each team when taking their assessment and analyzing results. View our suggested agenda.
  • By having each team use a different Zoom account, the team's AgilityHealth® Facilitator can then use the breakout rooms within Zoom to break an individual team into smaller groups to do their deep-dive analysis of a dimension. 
  • Bring the whole group back together on the main Zoom account with the lead AgilityHealth® Facilitator so teams can share what they learned. 
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