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How do I facilitate a virtual retrospective?

Here are some best practices for Remote Teams/Virtual Facilitation:

  • Have the team take the survey in advance of the retrospective meeting
    • Send the survey out no more than one week in advance of the retrospective meeting. 
    • Provide clear instructions and a point of contact for any questions that team members may have as they take the survey
    • Check in AgilityHealth to see who has completed the survey and follow up as needed to make sure all team members have submitted their responses before the retrospective
  • Make sure that all team members have access to login to AgilityHealth and view the survey results
  • If the team will be in the same room and only the facilitator is remote, work with the ScrumMaster to assist with communication and in-person facilitation
  • Use an online meeting service that supports screen sharing and use video conferencing when possible
  • Use an online collaboration board (such as IdeaBoardz) for the activity where team members break into small groups and discuss the dimensions
    • Have each person/group post their observations so they are visible
    • Use features within the online collaboration board for the dot voting exercise, when possible (for example, IdeaBoardz has a voting feature)
  • Provide opportunities for everyone’s voice to be heard. If not all team members are remote, check in frequently with remote team members to get their input
  • Conduct a quick retrospective for the meeting at the end to get ideas for improvement and learn what is working well
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