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When should I send the invitation to the retrospective?

For a team-based radar, such as the TeamHealth® Radar:

  • It is recommended that you send the retrospective invitation to Team Members and an email explaining to Stakeholders they will be receiving an assessment one to two weeks prior to the retrospective.
  • Send the assessment to Stakeholders one week prior to the retrospective so that Stakeholders have time to respond to the questions before the session.
  • Send the assessment to Team Members either during the retrospective session, if you're facilitating the assessment within the session, or one week prior to the session if you would like Team Members to have taken the assessment prior to the retrospective session. 

Here are some best practices to follow:

When to Administer

  • New Teams – 1 or 2 months after formation to establish a baseline
  • Active Teams – On a quarterly or bi-annual cycle

Who Should Attend

  • All Team Members are invited and expected to be present (online or in-person) for this session, including the Product Owner and Scrum Master of the team, for a team-based assessment, such as the TeamHealth® Retrospective.
  • Stakeholders are usually sent the assessment ahead of the actual retrospective meeting so that their responses will be included in the results but do not attend the session. Remember, Stakeholders are typically Managers, IT Leaders, and Business Leaders impacted by this project or anyone the team feels they want input/feedback from.
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