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What are some tips for sending the assessment in advance?

  • Send the assessment out no more than one week in advance of the retrospective meeting. 
  • Ensure all team members have clarity on their leadership team:
    • Who the Facilitator/ScrumMaster
    • Who is the team's Product Owner
    • Who is the team's Tech Lead/Solution Lead
    • Also remind them that each member is going to be rating their individual manager. 
  • Provide clear instructions and a point of contact for any questions that team members may have as they take the assessment.
  • Check who has completed the assessment.
    • The ScrumMaster or yourself needs to check in AgilityHealth® to see who has completed the assessment and follow up as needed to make sure all team members and stakeholders have submitted their responses before the retrospective. To learn how to do this, visit How do I track assessment completion for my teams.
Important: Since each assessment link is unique to the user that receives the email, no one should forward the assessment email they receive. If someone takes the assessment in their place, the system will not allow them to take it.

Each team member receives a unique assessment link in order to ensure each team member only completes the assessment one time. All answers are anonymous and will not be tied back to a team member in any way. We simply track whether each person sent the assessment has completed it or not and have functionality in place to allow the assessment to be resent, if the email did not come through the first time. 

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