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Understanding the Facilitator Dashboard

The Facilitator Dashboard is designed to provide access to the results of the Facilitator Assessment that team members may take following a retrospective session. 

This information can be used to determine whether facilitators need additional support and training or to acknowledge the facilitators that are rock stars. Facilitators can review their own results to better prepare for future retrospectives. We recommend creating a Community of Practice for facilitators to share best practices and use the feedback from this dashboard to help determine what is working well.  

In order to get to the Facilitator Dashboard, this feature must first be turned on by your Customer Success Manager. The Facilitator Dashboard tab will then be available for Company Admins and facilitators assigned to assessments. Company Admins will be able to see the results for all facilitators for their company, while facilitators will only be able to see the results for facilitator assessments sent after retrospective sessions they have conducted.

If enabled, the Facilitator Assessment will be automatically sent to a team member after the facilitation date for their assessment has passed. Their results are anonymous. View the Facilitator Assessment here.

Facilitator Dashboard Location

Click on the Facilitator Dashboard tab in the navigation.


Active vs Inactive Facilitators

Use the Active vs Inactive toggle to display information on the dashboard for the type of facilitator you'd like to see. 


Active status is determined by a user's AHF status in their profile, located in Manage Users. If the Active AHF box is checked in the user's profile, it will display in the Active view of the Facilitator Dashboard. If the box is unchecked, it will display in the Inactive view. 


Facilitator Dashboard Functionality

Once you are on the Facilitator Dashboard, you can view the results of Facilitator assessments in various ways.


  • Export to Excel 
    • You are able to export the entire dashboard into an Excel spreadsheet. Any filters you make on the dashboard will be saved in the export as well. This would be useful if you want to share certain items with a leadership team who does not have access to AgilityHealth® or prefers this information in an Excel file. 
  • Facilitator Avg
    • Average rating received for the facilitator's ability to facilitate given by team members in all of the retrospectives they have facilitated.
  • Retrospective Avg
    • Average rating received for retrospective sessions given by team members in all of the retrospectives the facilitator has facilitated.
  • No of Assessments
    • How many assessments the facilitator has facilitated.
  • Date of Last Assessment
    • Shows you the date of the last assessment the facilitator conducted.
  • Team Name
    • The name of the team affiliated with the assessment that is listed in the Assessment Name column.
  • Assessment Name
    • Each assessment's name is a link you can click on to see the answers to the questions asked on the facilitator assessment.
  • End Date
    • The end/close date of the assessment (may be different than the retrospective session date). 
  • Facilitation Date
    • The date the facilitator conducted the retrospective session.
  • AHF Assessment Launch Date
    • The date the facilitator assessment was launched to team members.
  • AHF Assessment End Date
    • The date the facilitator assessment closed and team members could no longer submit a response.
  • Facilitator Rating
    • The rating received for the facilitator's ability to facilitate given by team members for that specific retrospective session.
  • Retrospective Rating
    • The rating received for that retrospective session given by team members.
  • No of Participants
    • The number of team members in the retrospective session and that were sent the facilitator assessment.
  • No of Responses
    • How many of the team members participated in the facilitator assessment.
  • Expand/Collapse Arrows
    • Expands and collapses information available for each facilitator.
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