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How do I send account setup emails to Team Members (Team Access)?

Account setup emails for AgilityHealth® can be sent to Team Members in a few ways, but by default, most companies elect to have the setup email sent automatically.

Automatically Send Email

Most commonly, once a Team Member has completed and submitted their first assessment, they will receive an email with instructions to create their account within AgilityHealth.

Team Members will receive this email if this feature is enabled for your company and if an assessment they are included on as a Team Member has that option selected in the Launch Options section of the assessment.

Note: Other user types in AgilityHealth receive an email as soon as they are saved as a user in the Manage Users section. This includes Company Admins, Business Line Admins and Team Admins.

Manually Send Email

You can manually send an account setup email to a Team Member if they need access to AgilityHealth before they have completed their first assessment or if the feature to provide access automatically after assessment completion is not enabled for your company.

Begin with the Teams Dashboard, where you may see teams listed in the Swim Lanes View. Hover over the icon for the team you want to edit and click the blue pencil icon to be taken to the Team Profile.


If you are in Grid View on the Teams Dashboard, simply find your team and click on the blue edit button for that team to be taken to the Team Profile.


Once on the Team Profile page, click on the Team Members tab. 

If a Team Member has the Add button available in the Team Access column, they have not yet been sent an account setup email. To send them the email, simply click Add and the email will be sent automatically. Visit the Creating Your AgilityHealth Account article to view the email they will receive. 

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 9.56.46 AM.png

If a Team Member has a checkmark in the Team Access column, their account setup email was sent previously and cannot be resent from this tab.

Various user types within AgilityHealth can resend account setup emails to Team Members by visiting Manage Users in Settings and then clicking the envelope icon in the Team Member's row (usually under the Individuals tab). Check with your internal AgilityHealth Admin if you cannot do this function.

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