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How to Facilitate an Enterprise Business Agility (EBA) Assessment

Enterprise Business Agility Strategists (EBAS) can facilitate a session for our EBA Radar. Learn how to become an EBAS or learn more about our EBA Radar

You can watch our series of 3 short videos to learn how to prepare and facilitate an EBA Assessment, or you can scroll down to read the article. 

Video 1: Learn about becoming a certified EBAS, who should attend the workshop, the purpose of the workshop and the recommended timing.

Video 2: Learn about adding the team in AgilityHealth®, creating the assessment in AgilityHealth® and other preparation activities. 

Video 3: Learn about room setup and necessary materials for the assessment, the agenda, facilitation tips and next steps following the assessment. 

Session Purpose and Outcomes:



Download a very detailed version of the agenda at the bottom of this article! 

Intro & Complete Assessment Introduction, Meeting Purpose & Norms 5 Min
Workshop: Drivers for Change 10 Min
Quick Overview of EBA Pillars 5 Min
Complete the Assessment 40 Min
Break 10 Min
Analysis, Discussion Analyze the Radar & Facilitate Conversation 1 Hr
Identify Top Gaps 15 Min
Break 10 Min
Strategic Themes and Next Steps Define Strategic Intent and Top Themes (12 months) 1 Hr
Next Steps 15 Min
Session Retrospective 5 Min


  1. Conduct the EBA Seminar
    1. Ensure the right attendees are being invited. (Transformation leaders and transformation team members and stakeholders.)
    2. View Slides
  2. Set up the team inside AgilityHealth®: (10 min. per team) Once you login to AgilityHealth:
    1. Follow this tutorial on setting up teams.
    2. Please choose the work type of 'Transformation' instead of 'Software Delivery' on team setup wizard. The EBA Radar only shows up for teams of this type.
    3. You won't need to add stakeholders for this assessment.  
  3. Set up the assessment: (2 min. per team)  Follow this tutorial to learn how to setup an assessment. Here are a few things to note specific to EBA Radar:
    1. In the 'Add Assessment' wizard you'll select the EBA Radar from the drop-down. If you don't see it, make sure the team was setup as 'Transformation' work type. If it was, then contact to make sure the EBA radar is enabled for your company. 
    2. On the last page, save the assessment as draft and don't launch it until the day of your transformation retrospective & strategy session. People will give more valuable input when they are present and you've explained what the competencies mean.
  4. Prepare for the facilitation of the 1/2 Day or 1 Day Strategy Session (2 - 3 hrs.)
    1. Review the EBA page and watch the short overview video
    2. Review the questions for the radar.
    3. Review the sample session agenda above and the facilitation tips below.
    4. See sample slides you can start with for your strategy session. Please keep our copyright information but feel free to update to your look/feel.

Facilitation Tips:

  • Introduction: For the overview of EBA, you can use the video on the EBA website
  • Educate Participants on the Terms and Concepts that will be used in the session:
    • AgilityHealth®
    • Strategic Themes
    • Growth Items
    • Measurable Outcomes (OKRs)
    • Definitions of the EBA pillars and competencies
  • Provide an Understanding of the EBA Transformation Process and how the assessment fits into the overall process.
  • Analysis & Discussion: You can have the group break into smaller groups of 2-3 and discuss an area of the radar to identify the top gaps they see and report back to the larger group. (This is a 10-15 minute activity)
  • Strategic Intent & Themes: Once you have the top gaps identified, you can facilitate the group defining their strategic intent and top 3 themes (yearly outcomes) they want to achieve. 
  • Next Steps: We typically recommend scheduling a 1.5 day EBA Strategy Session for the specific line of business intended for the transformation. This will allow them to align on the transformation intent and strategic themes, then define clear outcomes and create a roadmap, along with definition of the transformation team members.
  • Results Presentation: You can compile the results and assessment details in a presentation to be shared with the company after the retrospective session.
    • Download our template at the bottom of this article!

Room Organization

  • Small tables for group discussion and collaboration
  • Sticky note pads and markers for each table
  • Projector, screen and laptop/PC (to display assessment results during group discussion)


  • Sticky note pads
  • Sharpie markers
  • Flip Chart markers
  • Post It Flip Chart Pads (5)
  • Easels (5)
  • Assessment Preview 
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