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EBA Overview Seminar

Welcome Enterprise Business Agility Strategists! We hope this page will provide useful resources for you when facilitating our EBA Seminar!

We also offer Q&A sessions to help answer any questions you have about the EBA and the AgilityHealth platform. Check out the schedule here

Seminar Information

To learn more about the EBA Seminar, visit the EBA Seminar page on our website. If you are facilitating this webinar, feel free to copy the Description and Seminar Outline to forward to your participants.

Slide Deck & How to Present

Download the current slide deck for the EBA Seminar here. Watch this video for an overview of how to present the EBA Seminar. 


1) Watch the pre-recorded version of the EBA Seminar to prepare. You can share this video through this link: The slide deck that matches this video is at the end of this article. 

2) Be sure to also check out our EBA Explainer video

EBA Model Image


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