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Team Admin Role Guide

This guide will help you understand your role as a Team Admin within AgilityHealth®. As a Team Admin, you are able to add a new team, team members, and stakeholders. If you’re also a ScrumMaster, please refer to the ScrumMaster Journey for additional role responsibilities.

This user guide will cover the following items:

  1. Understanding Team Admin Access within AgilityHealth®
  2. Managing Your Team(s) & Participants
  3. Viewing Your Team's Info Using the Team Dashboard View 
  4. Viewing Your Team's Portfolio/Program Levels

Understanding Team Admin Access within AgilityHealth®

Within AgilityHealth®, Team Admins can do the below items: 

Team Admin boxes.png

This information is available when in Settings, under Manager Users. You can hover over the question mark next to Team Admins to view the list of available functions. To learn more about how to add users, visit our Managing Users article.


Manage Your Team(s) & Participants 

As a Team Admin, you're able to add a new team as well as add team members and stakeholders. 

To set up or create a team, login to AgilityHealth® and you will see the Team Dashboard. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you can click the green ‘Add Team’ button to go through the simple Setting Up a Team wizard.


To learn more about how to:

Viewing Your Team's Info Using the Team Dashboard View

You're able to view the teams you are an admin for and you're also able to edit the team information by clicking the blue Edit icon or archive it by clicking the red icon. If you're unfamiliar with the Team Dashboard visit Understanding the Team Dashboard article to learn more.

Viewing Your Team's Portfolio/Program Levels

If you're a Team Admin, Team Member, or Stakeholder of a Program or Portfolio, you can view the program and portfolio levels for your teams. These will show in the orange and green swim lanes on the Team Dashboard.

If you'd like to learn more about the different types of teams, please see the Understanding Teams, Multi-Teams and Enterprise Teams article. 

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