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How do I edit or delete a team member's comment in the assessment results?

Note: If you delete a Team Member or a Stakeholder from an assessment, their assessment responses will remain on any assessments they participated in previously.

AgilityHealth® Facilitators, along with the team, will read the textual responses/comments from each team member as a part of analyzing the assessment results. There may be times when a Facilitator will see a comment that is not appropriate to be shared with the team.

For example, AgilityHealth® assessments are meant to be anonymous, but occasionally, a team member will type something that will identify the response as belonging to them. You may want to edit the comment before reviewing it with the team to remove the personally-identifying information. Another example where a Facilitator would need to edit comments is when they need to remove any derogatory remarks or foul language.

As a Facilitator, you can edit or hide comments but cannot delete a comment. Learn how to hide comments

Update textual responses by clicking the Edit button on the right of the comment you wish to edit.


Once you click Edit, the comment box will expand and you can edit the text as necessary. Click Update to save your edit. If you click Cancel, your update will not be made.


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