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Company Admin Quick Role Overview

As a Company Admin, you are a power user of AgilityHealth® and able to do more within the platform than any other user in your company.

Your role includes:

    1. Managing Users (Add/Edit/Delete)
    2. Managing Tags (Add Roles, Participant Groups, Business Units, etc.)
    3. Managing Teams (Add/Edit/Archive)
    4. Viewing teams at the Enterprise, Portfolio/Program and Team levels
    5. Utilizing Dashboards and Reports

Check out our Training for a Company Admin's Role in AgilityHealth® training video.

If you are piloting or rolling out AgilityHealth® and are looking for an in-depth guide, visit this article

Manage Users

A Company Admin can add/edit/delete AgilityHealth® Users in Settings, under Manager Users. To access this section, click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner of AgilityHealth®, once you are logged in.


Then, click on the View Users button under Manage Users.


Here you can add, edit, or delete team users and add teams or program portfolio tags to their accounts. To learn more about how to add users, visit our What User Roles are Available and How to Manage Them article.


The AgilityHealth Strategic Roadmap, which breaks down each role in AgilityHealth® with details, responsibilities and available training/support for each may be of assistance as well.


Manage Tags

Tags are customizable attributes that can be used to organize your company within AgilityHealth®.

To access the Manage Tags function, click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner of AgilityHealth®, once you are logged in.


Then, click on the View Tags button under the Manage Tags section.


You can create or set up tags to add new roles or new lines of business to link teams together, in order to roll their assessment results up into a multi-team or enterprise-team view. To learn more about how to manage tags, visit our Set Up and Manage Tags article.


Manage Teams

As a Company Admin, you're able to add, update, archive and restore teams, as well as edit a team's members and stakeholders.

To set up or create a team, login to AgilityHealth® and you will see the Team Dashboard. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you can click the green ‘Add Team’ button to go through the simple Setting Up a Team wizard.


To learn more about how to:

Important: Set up your Teams first. Then create Team Admins and assign their Teams to them.

View Teams at the Enterprise, Portfolio/Program and Team Levels

Teams are organized in AgilityHealth® in a hierarchy that includes Individual Teams, Multi-Teams and Enterprise Teams. If you are a Company Admin, you can view all three levels on the Team Dashboard.

There are two views available when reviewing your teams. You can view the teams in a Swim Lane or a Grid View by selecting the appropriate option in the upper right corner on the Team Dashboard.


In the Swim Lanes view, the teams are organized by the colored swim lanes. Enterprise Teams are green, Multi-Teams are orange and Individual Teams are blue.


The Grid View is a tabular view of all your teams with additional information such as the number of assessments this team completed, date of their last assessment and how the team is tagged. You can also add columns to your view for Sub-Teams, Multi-Teams and Enterprise Teams to see which teams have teams rolling up to them. You can quickly search by the name of the team, program, product line or portfolio and generate a report in Excel or PDF.

Hint: Company Admins who manage many teams tell us this is their favorite view!


If you'd like to learn more about the different types of teams, please see the Understanding Teams, Multi-Teams and Enterprise Teams article.

Utilizing Dashboards and Reports

A Company Admin has access to all of the AgilityHealth® Dashboards and Reports, where you can view your company's data.


Check out the below articles to learn about each Dashboard:

As a Company Admin, you also have the ability to run Reports using your company's data. You can find the Reports link in the upper right hand corner of AgilityHealth®. 

You can check out this Understanding the Reports Dashboard article to learn more. 


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