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How do I find a Facilitator for a retrospective while creating a team assessment?

Important: This feature must be enabled for your company.

When you need to create an assessment for a team but do not yet have a Facilitator to assign for the retrospective and if this feature is enabled for your company, you will see a Find a Facilitator box in the Launch Options while setting up an assessment.

Make sure all the retrospective information such as date, time, duration, and location is filled out on the assessment profile page. Then, check the Find a Facilitator box and save your assessment as a draft. Once you save the assessment as a draft, our system will send out an email to all your company’s potential Facilitators with the retrospective time, date and location, allowing them to sign up to facilitate the assessment. You’ll receive an email notification once a Facilitator has accepted.

If a Facilitator has already been entered for this assessment on the profile page, this option is disabled in the Launch Options. Refresh your memory on how to create and launch an assessment here. 

If this feature is not enabled for your company and you would like to use it, contact your Company Admin. If you are a Company Admin and would like to use this feature, let your Customer Success Manager know!

How to Find a Facilitator

On the Review & Launch page, check the Find a Facilitator box. 


Save the assessment as a draft and an email will be sent to all Facilitators within your company requesting them to facilitate the retrospective. 


Once a Facilitator commits to the retrospective, they will see a message confirming their assignment, similar to the one below:


The facilitator will be sent a confirmation email similar to the below:


If another Facilitator attempts to commit to the session after a Facilitator has been confirmed, they will receive this message:


The creator of the assessment will receive an email letting them know a Facilitator has been committed. 



How to Cancel a Facilitator

In the event a Facilitator can no longer attend the retrospective, the creator of the assessment can remove them from the Facilitator field by Editing the Assessment and clicking the Save as Draft button to resend an email communication to all your company's Facilitators, requesting one of them to take over the retrospective. 

Tagging an AHF in AgilityHealth

AgilityHealth Facilitators (AHFs) are 'tagged' in their User profiles by AgilityHealth after they have completed a certification course. If you have a User who should be tagged as an AHF but is not showing up in the list of available Facilitators for assessments, please contact your Company Admin or submit a support ticket

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