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What are Stakeholders and when are they necessary to add to a team?

A Stakeholder is simply someone who has an interest in the team and their health. These could be Managers, Leaders, Executives, Team Sponsors, etc. Anyone added as a Stakeholder to a team or an assessment will not have access to the assessment results and are not added to AgilityHealth® as a user, but if they are a Manager/Leader, team assessment results may be shared with them during the Manager Debrief/Leadership Readout.

When adding a team, there is a step where Stakeholders can be added. When creating assessments, Stakeholders can be added or removed, depending on whether they must receive that assessment.

When to Include Stakeholders

If the team is going to be taking the TeamHealth® Radar assessment, Stakeholders are highly recommended to be included. This is because we send special questions to Stakeholders (more information can be reviewed below). There are special questions for Stakeholders in our Program Health Radar and Lean Product Health Radar assessments as well. 

For all other team-based assessments, we send the same questions to Stakeholders and Team Members. Assessment questions are often worded for Team Members and are not necessary to send to Stakeholders. 

If Stakeholders are included in the assessment, it's important to add more than one so the anonymity of their answers is protected. In addition, if more than one Stakeholder responds to an assessment, their answers will show in the radar results in orange, to easily distinguish between Team Member feedback and Stakeholder feedback.

When Stakeholders Are Not Necessary

Stakeholders should not be added to a team that is only going to take Talent Development or Individual 360 assessments. In that case, during the creation of a Talent Development assessment, Stakeholders can be added as Reviewers. Learn more about Talent Development assessments.

For teams taking team-based assessments (other than TeamHealth, Program Health, and Lean Product Health), if Stakeholders have been added to the team but do not need to receive a particular assessment, they can be deselected during the assessment creation process. This will keep the Stakeholders as part of the team but will not include them in that specific assessment.

TeamHealth Radar Assessment

As part of our TeamHealth Radar assessment, a shorter assessment is sent to Stakeholders for the team, usually a week before the retrospective session. The Stakeholder assessment is sent in advance so the results are available to the team during the retrospective session. The email the Stakeholders receive will list the members of the team, for the Stakeholder's reference.

For the TeamHealth 3.0 Radar assessment, Stakeholders will answer one question on their confidence in the team, which will show on the radar results under Stakeholder Confidence, and one question to determine the NPS score they give the team. For the TeamHealth 4.0 Radar assessment, Stakeholders only receive the Stakeholder Confidence question.

Stakeholders can also provide their written thoughts on the team's top strengths, growth opportunities, and impediments. Stakeholder results may show in orange on the radar results if that feature is enabled for your company and more than one Stakeholder responded.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of the stakeholder to recommend a team to others. Learn more about: What does NPS mean and how is it calculated.  

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