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What questions are on the Stakeholder Assessment for the TeamHealth® Radar Assessment?

Important: For most team-based assessments, Stakeholders will receive the same assessment questions as the team members. For a few assessments, we have a much shorter survey for Stakeholders.

As part of our TeamHealth® assessment, a short assessment is sent to Stakeholders of a team, usually a week or two prior to the retrospective session. The Stakeholder assessment is sent in advance so the results are available during the retrospective session. The email the Stakeholders receive will list the members of the team, for the Stakeholder's reference. 

A Stakeholder is simply someone who has an interest in the team and their health. This could be Managers, executives, team sponsors, etc. A Stakeholder will not have access to the assessment results, but if they are a Manager, the results may be shared with them during the Manager Debrief.

For the TeamHealth® assessment, Stakeholders will not take the same assessment as the rest of the team. In this assessment, the Stakeholder will answer one question on their confidence in the team, which will show on the radar results under Stakeholder Confidence and one question to determine the NPS score they give the team. They can also provide their own written thoughts on the team's top strengths, growth opportunities and impediments. Stakeholder results may show in orange or red on the results radar, if that feature is enabled for your company.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of the stakeholder to recommend a team to others. Learn more in our What does NPS mean and how is it calculated article.  

The Stakeholder Assessment in the TeamHealth® assessment looks like this:


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