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Key Manager Responsibilities: Member of the Growth Leadership Team

Key Manager Responsibilities

This article is part of our Key Manager Responsibilities guide. We have broken the responsibilities down into shorter articles. 

  1. Overview
  2. Debrief on Team Retrospective Results
    • Review survey results and analyze data
    • Review organizational growth items
  3. Participate as a Member of the Growth Leadership Team
  4. Growth Planning
    • Attend the Growth Strategy Workshop
    • Analyze multi-team data and look for patterns and trends
    • Create a plan for removing organizational impediments
  5. Conduct Leadership Checkpoints
  6. Demonstrate Progress on Removing Organizational Impediments

Growth Leadership Team

As a manager, you may form a Growth Leadership Team with the other leaders who support a group of teams, such as a program, line of business or Agile Release Train. See the article Understanding Teams, Multi-Teams and Enterprise Teams to learn more about how to find and set up these teams in AgilityHealth®. Your Company Admin will be able to assist in setting up these teams.


Learn more about Growth Planning as part of the Growth Leadership Team. 

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