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Key Manager Responsibilities: Growth Planning

Key Manager Responsibilities

This article is part of our Key Manager Responsibilities guide. We have broken the responsibilities down into shorter articles. 

  1. Overview
  2. Debrief on Team Retrospective Results
    • Review survey results and analyze data
    • Review organizational growth items
  3. Participate as a Member of the Growth Leadership Team
  4. Growth Planning
    • Attend the Growth Strategy Workshop
    • Analyze multi-team data and look for patterns and trends
    • Create a plan for removing organizational impediments
  5. Conduct Leadership Checkpoints
  6. Demonstrate Progress on Removing Organizational Impediments

Growth Planning

As a Manager, you will collaborate with the other members of your Growth Leadership Team to analyze the information coming from the teams that are part of the program, line of business or Agile Release Train that you have formed around and create a Growth Plan to help the teams to mature.

Attend the Growth Strategy Workshop

This workshop is held every quarter (or at PI planning if your company is using SAFe®) for the Growth Leadership Team to come together to review the multi-team data and organizational growth items and to also create a plan for top 2-3 items you will work on as a team over the upcoming quarter/PI.

Learn more about the Multi-Team Growth Strategy Workshop.

Analyze Multi-Team Data

You will analyze the multi-team data during the Multi-Team Growth Strategy Workshop and you can also do analysis on your own or working with a Coach to gain insights into the teams that you support.

Work on the Multi-Team Growth Plan

The Growth Leadership Team is responsible to deliver the items they commit to in their Multi-Team Growth Plan. Learn about Creating and Managing Multi-Team Growth Plans.

Be sure to implement Leadership Checkpoints to stay on track. 

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