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Key Manager Responsibilities: Growth Leadership Team Checkpoints

Key Manager Responsibilities

This article is part of our Key Manager Responsibilities guide. We have broken the responsibilities down into shorter articles. 

  1. Overview
  2. Debrief on Team Retrospective Results
    • Review survey results and analyze data
    • Review organizational growth items
  3. Participate as a Member of the Growth Leadership Team
  4. Growth Planning
    • Attend the Growth Strategy Workshop
    • Analyze multi-team data and look for patterns and trends
    • Create a plan for removing organizational impediments
  5. Conduct Leadership Checkpoints
  6. Demonstrate Progress on Removing Organizational Impediments

Leadership Checkpoints

As a Growth Leadership Team, you will use Agile to guide your ceremonies / meetings and set a cadence for how frequently you want to meet as a team to collaborate on your action plan. Facilitation of these meetings can be shared or rotated, if desired.


Quarterly Planning: Every quarter you will meet as a Growth Leadership Team to review the latest survey results and organizational growth items raised by the teams. You will create an action plan for the upcoming quarter/PI in your Multi-Team Growth Strategy Session.

Weekly Stand-ups: Meet regularly as a Growth Leadership Team to quickly collaborate and plan so that you continue to make progress and have visibility to what the members of your team are working on and any impediments.

Monthly Reviews: Come together monthly as a Growth Leadership Team to review your progress and adjust your plan if needed.

Quarterly Demos: Demonstrate to the teams what you have accomplished and receive their feedback and ideas for what to work on next. Learn more about the demo of your progress as a Growth Leadership Team.

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